We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet…

I never thought that within a few days of starting this blog, my only two posts would coincide.

Today I learned that members of the Westboro Baptist church are planning on protesting at the funeral services of President Gordon B. Hinckley. They plan on holding up signs declaring President Hinckley a false prophet and one that says “Hinckley is in Hell.”

They say they are protesting because President Hinckley was too ambigous on his position about homosexuals and should have taken a stronger stand against the homosexual lifestyle (http://deseretnews.com/article/1,5143,695248839,00.html).

At first I was angry when I heard about their protests. And I wouldn’t have felt badly if someone driving by accidently hit their gas instead of their brakes and mowed them all down. Then I decided that an angry reaction is exactly what these people want and exactly what President Hinckley would have preached against. I can just imagine President Hinckley welcoming them into the Conference Center and extending to them the friendship and love he was known for.

My advice to anyone going to President Hinckley’s funeral on Saturday is to ignore these people and not let their messages and signs of hate distract from the Spirit and love you feel toward President Hinckley. They will only be a few among several hundred thousand. Several hundred thousand people standing together and singing “We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet” will always be louder than any sign spewing hate.

Today I read what Thomas S. Monson wrote about President Hinckley. Monson will most likely be the next prophet of the church and I already sustain him. I’d like to quote from Monson and what he said about President Hinckley:

“President Hinckley was prodigious in his work ethic and was totally dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was a friend to one and all and a leader who inspired spirituality. His outreach on an international scale was unprecedented. He was truly a prophet for our time. Like the Master, he devoted his life to doing good, and God was surely with him. His life was a gift to the world.”

When I think of these words, I can’t help but think that no one will say them about “Reverend” Fred Phelps and his band of hatemonger followers. The path to true happiness is never and was never through hate. Love, friendship, acceptance, this is what life is about. President Hinckley never met a person who wasn’t his friend. God Bless President Hinckley, his family, his friends, and all those who have dedicated their lives to promoting peace, love, and friendship, just like the Savior did.


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