March came in like a Lion…

Yesterday was March 1st and it was the oddest day of the year. We’ve been slammed with snow in amounts I haven’t seen since childhood since December and so the last couple of weeks of warm temperatures and melting snow has been a nice reprieve. And then yesterday, suddenly out of nowhere, and with temperatures in the 50s, we had a snowstorm that could almost be described as a blizzard. And now today it’s sunny again and all the snow is melting. The only good thing about the snow yesterday is that it covered up all the icky snow that is the result of melting snow. Icky snow is the snow pushed to the side of the road by snow plows, which is basically snow and gravel mixed together. It’s disgusting and one of the most unsightly and unpleasant side effects of an impending Spring. So my question is, if March comes in like a Lion, will it please go out like a Lamb?


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