It’s a rip off!

On May 15th I was very hungry and we did not have a thing in the house I wanted to eat. I’m very picky normally, but being in my third trimester makes it worse. So I headed off to McDonalds because it was close and I didn’t have to get out of my car. It was unusually busy for 2:00 in the afternoon, seeing as the lunch rush should have ended an hour before that. Then I noticed they were giving away a free sandwich – The Southern Style Chicken sandwich. Not being one to look a gift sandwich in the mouth, I ordered one.

I brought the sandwich home and in pure McDonald’s style concluded that it probably tasted like crap and that I would regret eating it in two hours. This was not the case. After the first bite I recognized a familiar taste. The sandwich tasted exactly like a Chick Fil A Chicken Sandwich, only slightly less good. In fact the only difference I saw in the two sandwiches is McDonald’s puts the pickles on top and CFA puts them on the bottom.

This sandwich is a total rip-off, but I don’t care. My kids always want Happy Meals and the only CFA close to me is inside a mall. Try dragging two kids into a mall sometime just for food and tell me how much fun that is. So until I have 30 free minutes to myself to find a parking spot at the mall and can make my way to my beloved Chick Fil A (with a stop at Mrs. Fields too), I’ll have to settle for the McDonald’s rip off. Now if only McDonald’s could get on the ball and stop making their chicken nuggets look like a science experiment from the planet Unholy pig fart.


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