Remember when VH1 was good?

I guess Flavor Flav just announced that he will not be making any more “Flavor of Love” reality shows for VH1. Thank goodness. Now if VH1 could just get rid of all their other sleazy dating reality shows, and I could actually watch the channel again without needing a shower. Why can’t they bring back good shows like “Behind the Music” and “Pop-up Video?” Watching a one season reality show called “Bands on the Run” helped me get through labor with my daughter and introduced three very cool struggling bands to the world. I don’t know who’s in charge of programming at VH1 but they suck and need to be fired. VH1, like MTV, used to be about the music. Now it’s about watching the nastiest people in America get drunk, make fools of themselves, try to string together logical coherent sentences, while sleeping with a semi-celebrity in order to win some challenge. And really, since when was Flavor Flav a prize to be won? Seriously VH1, I need some “Behind the Music” back in my life! I actually cried at the Pantera episode. Pantera!


One thought on “Remember when VH1 was good?

  1. Yeah no more Flav reality shows on VH1. Except now he is going to “act” in a new citcom in FX or something like that- I forgot which channel. Which by the way, have you ever seen “My Boys” on FX? Its actually really good and funny, we watched it for the first time last night. Anyway you know I eat all the MTV and VH1 shiz up, but I really do hate how trashy it is. I feel stupider after I watch it. So lately I’ve been making a concious effort to watch things that will help my mind grow like Discovery or CNN or something…. I watch too much TV.

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