Sex & the City

Sex & the City is one of my most favorite TV shows ever. I started watching it about 7 years ago and became hooked. What I love most about the show is the friendship between the four women. I think all women wish they had really close girlfriends that they could count on for anything. My best friend lives 2,000 miles away and so we don’t get to do the fun girlfriendy stuff, like going out to lunch or shopping, on a whim anymore. I miss being able to hang out with her for no reason at all. So when I watch SATC, I feel like I’m hanging out with best friends.

Last night my husband and I went to see Sex & the City, the Movie. He was one of only about five men in the audience. But seeing as I’m about to give birth to his child, I figure he owes me. No really, I’m very thankful he was willing to go see it with me. I think the sad part about the movie for him was that he got most of the jokes just because he’s inadvertently seen a lot of the shows just by living with me for the last 9 years. We went to the movie after an 8 hour work day. After sitting all day at work and for almost 3 hours in a movie theater, my ankles were huge and swollen. That’s never happened to me before…not even with my first two pregnancies. I had to come home and immediately put my feet up with ice packs on my ankles. But guess what…..

THE MOVIE WAS ABSOLUTELY, UNEQUIVOCALLY WORTH IT!!! I freaking loved it. Oprah said (and I usually don’t give a fig about her opinion) that the movie was a gift to it’s fans. That is so true! I experienced so many emotions watching the movie. I laugh, I cried, and remarkably, I didn’t pee my pants. I left the movie wanting more. Unfortunately, I think sequels would only dilute the magic of the show and movie. The movie only left me with one unanswered question….what happened to Stanford and Marcus? Maybe that will be answered on the DVD, which I’m told will have tons of bonus features. And I’m sure, just like I went to see SATC on opening night, I’m sure I’ll be buying the DVD the day it comes out. Anyway, I can’t gush enough. I love love loved it. It felt like coming home to old girlfriends you haven’t seen in a while that you missed desperately.

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