Is this racist to you?

Occasionally I’m embarrassed to be a Utahn. Right now I’m more embarrassed to be from Utah than ever before. Recently a Utah couple, Dave and Elizabeth Lawson, decided to sell a sock monkey puppet as a caricature of Presidential nominee Barack Obama, called the The SockObama. They said that one night they made a casual observance that Senator Obama looked like a beloved childhood toy of theirs. Appropriately, many people have been very offended by this toy calling it racist. The Lawsons are outraged that anyone would ever think of their toy as racist. Are you kidding me? The Lawsons are either the most naive people ever to have lived or they’re just really really stupid. I’m guessing it’s a good combination of both.

I don’t know what kind of warped bubble the Lawsons live in, but maybe they should pick up a history book or at least leave the state of white bread with mayonnaise on it once in a while. Do they not realize that during the Jim Crow period of racism (you know, when blacks couldn’t even sit at the front of a bus with the white people), blacks were compared to as monkeys in a deliberate attempt to dehumanize them? In fact, the argument that blacks were not fully as evolved as whites added fuel to the fire. Dehumanization of ANYONE is what leads to holocausts and genocides, like Nazi Germany, Rwanda, and what’s going on in Darfur right now.

The Lawsons have countered saying they’re not racist because they were planning on making a John McCain sock monkey. They just don’t get it, do they? A John McCain sock monkey wouldn’t be offensive because whites were never compared to monkeys in effort to dehumanize, discriminate, and eliminate them! To the Lawsons I say you’re idiots. I don’t think you deserve the death threats you have received, but I do believe you are entitled to be educated to overcome your obvious ignorance.

I feel an overwhelming desire to write about this because in the immortal words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

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