Not Sophia!

It’s the end of an era. Estelle Getty, the actress that played the wonderfully sarcastic Sophia Petrillo on “Golden Girls,” died today. She was 84.

I loved “Golden Girls.” Of course I was a grade-schooler when the popular NBC sitcom had it’s run. Being a grade-schooler, I had nothing better to do on Saturday nights than to watch GG. I remember many Saturday nights laying on my parent’s bed watching GG with my Mom, and all the shows like “Empty Nest” that came after it. I remember thinking it was hilarious and never knew, back then, it was revolutionary to have women in their 50s and 60s be the subject of a major network sitcom.

Years later, the Lifetime network, brought GG back in reruns, and for me, it was appointment television. The best thing about re-watching a show you loved as a child is you finally get all the jokes. Man, that show is dirty! Sophia is and always will be my favorite. I want to be like Sophia when I grow up. They tried to blame her forthrightness on a stroke she had, but really, I think Sophia finally stopped caring what other people thought and decided to speak her mind. I’ve probably seen every single GG episode two or maybe even five times and I still laugh out loud. Just the other night I was in tears over an episode I know I’ve seen more than once.

I loved how Sophia always started a story with “Picture it, Siciliy, [insert date here].” Once, when Dorothy accused her mother of making up a story her answer was:

“So what? I’m old, I’m supposed to be colorful.”

And she was, oh yes she was.

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