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Have you ever read a news story on the ‘net and wondered what other people thought of it? I, on occasion, will read the comments made by other readers after I have read a news story online. It’s usually the news stories that leave me outraged that I read the readers’ comments. I do this to see if others are as outraged as I am. However, I have decided that people who actually take the time to comment on news stories on a semi-regular basis are not very smart and have a lot of time on their hands. A dangerous combination for sure.

I’ve read some really interesting comments as of late. Most of the comments that leave me wondering about how the species is going to survive if natural selection is a real thing come from Which basically means, Utahns (at least the ones making comments) are dumb. The one comment that had me the most incredulous followed an article about Elizabeth Smart. This commentor (is that a word?) said that the whole abduction was a conspiracy and that the Smarts hired the kidnappers so that they could hide Elizabeth’s unwanted pregnancy, and once she gave birth and gave up the baby, she was allowed to be found. Seriously. There is someone out there that actually believes this is true. First of all, a teen pregnancy isn’t a social taboo now that parents would actually hire someone to kidnap their daughter to cover it up. Second of all, who did Elizabeth place this baby with for adoption (if the theory was true)? Was it the same person who helped Lee Harvey Oswald kill Kennedy and staged the whole moon walk thing? I just hope that this commentor gets the anti-psychotic drugs he so desperately needs.

Some other comment thats had me wondering how some people are able to live on their own and survive was about an article I read today about a South Salt Lake man who left his 2 year old child in the car so that he could go see a middle-of-the-night showing of “The Dark Knight.” Of course I was outraged that this man would put his child in such a dangerous situation as most of the commentors were. However, one person actually said that what this idiot did wasn’t that bad. Seriously, did you eat paint chips as a child? Another commentor blamed America’s obsession with Batman as the reason this man was willing to put his child in danger to get his “superhero fix.” No sir (I assume you’re a sir), it wasn’t Batman’s fault that he left his child in his car unattended. It was his fault for being an IRRESPONSIBLE IDIOT! He probably has left his child unattended in a car before and my only hope is that not only does he no longer procreate, but he loses custody of the one child he was so carelessly parenting.

And don’t even get me started on the comments I read about the Sock Obama. It left me wondering about the people I live around and if they’re really that racist, prejudice, and cruel. I was more ashamed to be a Utahn because of the comments on the story than the actual story itself. And the Mormon haters always come out when there’s an article about the LDS church or anything affliated with it.

So my point is this. I’m no longer reading reader’s comments. They always devolve into fights between people, name calling, nonsensical arguments, and especially on ksl, liberals are somehow blamed for everything. What I really can’t stand is people who are unable to spell or put together a logical coherent sentence taking up cyberspace with their unintellible rants. When I read comments I usually end up madder than I started, so what’s the point?

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2 thoughts on “Read all about it

  1. Oh trust me it's not just Utahans. It's at least 80% of the people on the Internet & probably in the world. A whole lot of people seem absolutely determined to believe the tabloid crap & the trolls when it comes to news about Elizabeth Smart. Common sense, logic, & intelligence get thrown out the window every single time. It's classic Blame The Victim Syndrome. No one WANTS to believe the truth. They would rather believe the lies because if they believed the truth then what happened to Elizabeth could happen to ANYONE & they are just not capable of imagining themselves or their kids in that type of situation. THEY or THEIR kids would NEVER be kidnapped, raped & held hostage, because THEY or THEIR kids would never make the same "mistakes" that Elizabeth allegedly made. So they'll keep on blaming Elizabeth, her parents, her upbringing, Mormonism, religion in general, Utah, race, & everything & everyone except the 2 who are truly & solely to blame:the kidnappers.

  2. I feel ya on this one sis. People say so many things that are waaaaaaay off of the topic at hand. I truly feel rage when I read the comments on KSL, the people on there are so ignorant and have such low intelligence. I get drained after the 3rd comment I read….

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