I Hate Pencils

I have always preferred mechanical pencils over regular pencils. They’re always sharp, you can replace the eraser and lead, you can retract the lead so you don’t write on anything when you’re not using it, and they make the cool little clicking noise when you advance the lead into the chamber. I have another reason to prefer mechanical pencils over the standard wooden ones….I’ve never stabbed myself with a mechanical pencil.

Yesterday I was walking to my car and grabbing my keys out of my purse, when a pencil I had in my purse came flying out, stabbed me in the foot, got caught on my jeans, and the lead (or graphite) broke off into my foot. All of this happened in a split second and before I knew what was happening. Within seconds the pain in my foot was awful and I limped to my car with thoughts of gangrene and amputation. Of course it was my right foot, so I had to push the gas pedal with it. Everytime I stepped on the gas, searing pain would shoot up my foot and into my leg. I got home, wiped off the blood and decided that the lead wasn’t in my foot.

This isn’t the first time I’ve stabbed myself with a pencil. During a Stake play where I played a Secretary, the director gave me a clipboard and pencil for my props and then saw it fit to sharpen this pencil as sharp as she could have possibly gotten it. During the performance while dancing and singing my little heart out, I stabbed myself with this stupid pencil in my thumb. Ever the professional, I kept right on going despite the flowing blood and the curse words wanting to flow from my mouth. I thought I got all the lead out later, but still to this day, 14 years later, I still have a faint black mark on my thumb.

Damn pencils. I hate pencils.

The mark where the evil wooden pencil got me.

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