I hate Incompetence at Fast Food Restaurants

I know jobs at fast food restaurants suck. We all know they do. They don’t pay well and the work is hard. I’ve had jobs like that too. I can’t say that I showed up every day and gave my best, but at least I never smoked a doobie before going to work.

The other day I went to my local Burger King for dinner. I pulled up to the drive through and was immediately told they’d be with me in a just a minute. That was fine, I have no problem with that. However, I just happened to look at the clock right after they said that and noted that it took them a full seven minutes to get back to me. Seven minutes. I almost pulled away. I ordered my food and it wasn’t a difficult order with a lot of changes or special orders. I pulled up to the second window, paid my money, and was told to pull around front to the front doors. Which was fine…I have no problem doing that either. That was until the guy came out with four bags and asked me to pick which one was mine. None of them were because I ordered a burger AND fries. So the douche went back in to get my fries.

Here’s the part of the story that takes the cake…I was already frustrated with the lack of customer service I experienced there. Then I opened my bag and found that I was given a single burger instead of the double cheeseburger I ordered. Oh, another little surprise I encountered was half of my french fries were effing onion rings. So I called this store and asked to speak to the manager. I doubt the guy I talked to was the manager. He never apologized, only asked me to come back and fix my order. I said, “no, I’m never coming back.” And when he didn’t really respond, I said “whatever” and hung up.

I worked in customer service for a bazillion years and the thing I know beyond a shadow of doubt is that if a customer complains to the manager, they fall all over themselves apologizing. The last thing a manager wants is to lose a customer because said manager knows that said customer will complain to all their friends and they’ll lose even more customers. Customers equal money and no manager wants to lose that. So I highly doubt the douche I spoke to on the phone was the manager.

People, I know working at Burger King, and other restaurants of it’s ilk, sucks. But please, do your weed smoking after your shift so when I order fries I get all fries and not a half fry/half onion ring combo. Because I don’t like onion rings. But not as much as I don’t like incompetence service.


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