10 More Things

Two and a half weeks ago I wrote a rather lengthy blog about the 100 things you might not know about me. Since writing that I have thought of more things that are probably uknown to most people. Reaching a milestone birthday makes people look back and reflect on their lives, I think. So here it goes, 10 more things you don’t know about me….

101 – I went to a Garth Brookes concert during his last world tour in 1998 at the Delta Center (now the Glow Dome) in Salt Lake City. My friends and I were standing up, rockin’ out like normal people do at concerts. Then this old person grabbed my friend’s little sister by the shoulders and threw her down in her seat and started screaming at all of us for standing up. They said they had paid good money for their seats and wanted to sit. We tried to make them see that the ENTIRE arena was standing but they were too psycho. One of the old people even asked my friend Joe if they wanted to settle things “outside” and Joe just laughed at him. They even got security over to tell us to sit (even though we should have had them ejected for assaulting my friend’s little sister). To make a short story long, I had to spend an entire Garth Brookes concert sitting in my seat like a loser. Freaking old people ruin everything.

102 – I had two very good friends in high school both named Scott. They even had the same initials – SLM. I spent so much time with them my Mom started referring to them as “The Scotts.”

103 – Speaking of the Scotts, they lockered together our junior and senior years. During our junior year my friend Andrea and I were lucky enough to locker next to them. Our locker combination was messed up and would always stay on the last number of the combo. We would just leave it there and never had to do the combination to open our locker. Because of this, the Scotts would play tricks on us, like take our magnets or mirror. One time they even completely switched out our lockers so when Andrea and I went there between classes all of their stuff was in our locker and our stuff was in their locker. We would play tricks on them too because we knew their combination. It was a lot of fun.

104 – In 1997, my college was lucky enough to have Maya Angelou come and speak at our Literature Conference. I couldn’t go the night she spoke because I had to work. I was walking up a staircase in the Union Building kicking myself for not having asked for the night off sooner when I noticed that Maya Angelou and her bodyguard were directly in front of me. I was so star struck and speechless that I couldn’t say anything. So I totally missed my opportunity to talk to Maya Angelou in person. Later I told the guy I was dating at the time what had happened and his response was “who’s Maya Angelou?” My first instinct was to dump him.

105 – I subsist mostly on bread, cheese, and Mountain Dew.

106 – I broke my left forearm in 3 places when I was 11. I jumped off my swingset and landed on my arm on a sprinkler. My dog, Puppy, came over and sniffed it and ran away whimpering. I remember looking at it thinking it was something my Dad could fix. It looked like a stairstep. I walked inside and told my Mom very calmly, “I think I hurt myself.” She turned around and started screaming and stomped on the floor to get my Dad upstairs. He was muttering “what now?” until he saw my arm. He swore, ran into their bedroom, grabbed his keys and wallet, put on his shoes, and dashed me off to the emergency room. I remember wondering what all the fuss was about. I don’t know if it was the shock, but it didn’t hurt until they “set” my arm. Unfortunately, that was at the beginning of summer vacation and I had to wear a stupid cast all the way up to my armpit all summer. It was itchy and hot.

107 – Speaking of said cast, I used to stick pens up it to scratch my arm. I was dumb and did the wrong side and got a pen lid stuck up my cast that didn’t come out until they cut the cast off of me. I also couldn’t bend my arm for several weeks after.

108 – As a kid we used to drive past this gully with a spring that was near my house. One time I said there was yucky green water down there to my Mom. She thought that was funny and made a song out of it and proceeded to sing that song every time we drove past. We drove past that gully on the way from the funeral home to the grave site after my Mom’s funeral and as a family we all sang that song again as a tribute. And we didn’t even care that the limo driver thought we were all nuts!

109 – Whenever I played “Oregon Trail” in Elementary school, I always died of diptheria.

110 – I was 25 and pregnant with my son (my second child) when a customer at Payless asked me what high school I went to. I know I look young, but dang.

2 thoughts on “10 More Things

  1. That same thing happened to me with my cast!!! Pen caps are freaking painful! Fortunately for myself, my Dad McGivered a wire hanger into a hook to retrieve said pen cap. The scratching of the hanger in my cast felt amazing!

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