My Prediction

Sometimes I write about topics which are of global interest and concern. Sometimes I write about me. Sometimes I write about things that bother me. And sometimes I write about things that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. This is one of those times.

For some reason, I started watching this season’s “So, You Think You Can Dance” around the time they picked the top 10 dancers. The only time I ever watched this show prior is when my brother’s friend Benji was a contestant during season 2 and I was strongly encouraged to vote for him so he would win. Benji was the best dancer that season, so I didn’t mind lending my vote to him. My brother rarely speaks very highly of someone unless they really deserve it. Benji was one of his mission buddies whom he said was one of the nicest, most genuine people he had ever met.

This season the dancers have really impressed me. When it got down to the final 6, I couldn’t even imagine who would be eliminated because every single one of them deserved to win. There have been some routines that have literally brought me to tears they were so beautiful. This is what reality television should be — TALENTED people displaying their God-given gifts to the world.

This is my prediction on who should win: either Katee or Joshua. No, I didn’t vote. I was trying to read books with my daughter and put my kids to bed during the voting time. But either Katee or Joshua should win. Courtney is an amazing dancer, but she’s not as good as Katee. Twitch is an entertaining an athletic dancer, but he doesn’t take your breath away like Joshua. And when Joshua and Katee dance together, magic happens. If both of them could win, they should. They both have very bright futures ahead of them. I know Joshua is a hip-hop dancer, but he should consider doing more ballroom and modern dance because he has a natural talent for it. No matter what Katee does, it’s a gift to the world. She lights up the stage. So that’s my prediction — they BOTH should win (even if it’s not possible). Tune in tonight to see if I’m right.

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