Body After Baby

I read an article yesterday that said ordinary women are annoyed at seeing magazines, news articles, and TV spots about celebrities having killer bodies right after having a baby. Having had a baby myself less than 2 months ago, I found the article interesting. I guess “ordinary” women (that must be us non-famous, non-beautiful, non-worthwhile women) are feeling pressure from the media to have their pre-pregnancy bodies back right away after giving birth. This probably goes along with the fact that women feel pressured before they ever get pregnant to have perfect bodies. Why not pressure them right after they give birth as well?

Does the fact that Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba, and Salma Hayek have their perfect bodies back just weeks after giving birth bother me? Not really. The reason is they have things that I don’t have. The first one would be a nanny. I have 3 kids and a part-time job. I AM the nanny. The second thing I don’t have is a personal trainer and five hours a day to work out. I can’t afford a personal trainer and I can’t afford five hours a day to work out. I barely can go to the bathroom by myself, let alone take off for hours to work-out. The third thing I don’t have is a personal chef who can make me low calorie meals and lock me out of my kitchen so I can’t snack. Wait, I do have a personal chef…that person is me. The fourth thing I don’t have is a make-up artist, stylist, or lighting crew to make me look physically perfect when I walk out the door. The fifth thing I don’t have is a job that requires me to be physically perfect.

It’s no secret that I’m not an actress/model/reality TV star. I’m just an “ordinary” woman with an “ordinary” life. My jobs (being a mother and adoption caseworker) don’t require me to be beautiful or a size 0. They require my mind. They require wit and a sense of humor. They require compassion and a deep love for my children and clients. And I really don’t want to waste the precious time I have with my children (they’re only going to be young once) working out trying to perfect my outsides when I could be perfecting mine and their insides.

So was I jealous when I opened the issue of PEOPLE magazine to see a picture of Nicole Kidman just three weeks after she gave birth looking like she weighed about 100 pounds? Nope. And the reason is because of the last thing I don’t have that celebrities have to lose the baby weight. And that is pressure. No one is pressuring me to be physically perfect. I’m lucky enough to have a husband that constantly tells me I’m beautiful. And that is worth more than a closet full of size 2 clothing any day.

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