Tuesday’s Rant

There has been something that has been bothering me for quite a while. I have finally decided to write about it so that I can get it out of my system. The thing that is bothering me is Salma Hayek. Actually it was something that she said at her last appearance on “Oprah.”

Salma has always purported herself as very “pro-woman.” She has been very involved with Eve Ensler (the author of the play “The Vagina Monologues”) at trying to erradicate violence and poverty against women all over the world. Recently she has teamed up with Pampers and Unicef to provide tetanus vaccinations to women in developing countries. She has been an outspoken feminist who has brought great attention to women’s issues. All of this I can applaud.

That was until she made some very anti-woman comments on Oprah. She was talking about her new baby, Valentina. Oprah asked her about nursing and losing the baby weight. Salma basically called all women, who claim to lose weight from nursing, liars and said they must be starving themselves in order to lose the weight. WHAT?! Salma is basing this claim on the fact that SHE didn’t lose weight from nursing. Doesn’t Salma know that not all women’s experiences are the same? Just because she didn’t lose weight nursing, she felt compelled to make a blanket statement against women who claim that nursing has helped them lose weight.

I’ve had a lot of friends who have had babies. Some of them have told me that nursing took the pounds off instantly. Some told me that they didn’t lose any weight until after they stopped nursing. Some have told me that they lose weight initially, but the minute they stop nursing, they put all the weight back on. And some said that nursing made absolutely no difference in the amount of weight they lost. Since none of these situations describe Salma’s exactly they must all be liars.

I am a woman who has three children and has lost weight after having a baby because of nursing. And no, I’m not a liar. With my first two children, I walked out of the hospital in my pre-pregnancy jeans. This pregnancy it took me a little longer, but from just nursing alone (trust me, I haven’t worked out at all since my baby was born) I have lost 22 pounds to date (and I only gained 16 while I was pregnant). According to Salma’s theory, I’m either a liar or I’m starving myself. Considering that I just had a handful of mini chocolate chip cookies before writing this blog (and that while I’m nursing, I’m a voracious eater who can’t shove enough food down my gullet) I would guess that I’m not starving myself. And the scale isn’t lying either. You can check my doctor’s patient record on me. I’ll waive HIPPA in this instance.

All I can say, is shame on you Salma. For all your work promoting equal rights, opportunties, and everything else under the sun that is pro-woman, you certainly crapped all over it the minute you called most mother anorexic liars.

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