Recently my feelings were hurt by someone I thought loved me or at least pretends to in my presence. I was told of some things they said about me behind my back that were actually quite laughable. The things they said didn’t hurt me, it was the fact that they felt like they had the right to “attack” me when I wasn’t there because our political beliefs differ greatly. I hate it when people act all peachy-keen and lovely to my face while secretly harboring feelings of ill-will against me. If you don’t like me, then just tell me. I promise we can call an uneasy truce and act quite civilly when we must.

Hey, I know I’m an oddball in Utah. I’m a scientific anomaly that should be simultaneously feared and studied. I am the elusive and not-well-known liberal. I don’t flock like the other sheep to the closest radio every time Sean Hannity spouts out his illogical thoughts on the correct American way of life. I actually came up with my political ideas and beliefs on my own, and without aid of my parents (the two most apolitical people on earth) or the popular culture around me. Conservatives in Utah have been taught to fear and hate me. I threaten them somehow. The fact I’m a woman who can think for herself and can articulate intelligent arguments against them scares them even more. That’s why they must attack me. This I’ve come to expect/tolerate from the ignorami around me. What I take offense to is members of my own family feeling perfectly okay with breaking familial loyalty and blood over political “issues.”

To sum up, my feelings were hurt not because this conservative attacked my liberal beliefs (which weren’t really beliefs…they just took issue with a particular store I spend a lot of money in), my feelings were hurt because I feel like this person doesn’t respect me and I’ve done nothing to harm them. I simply live my life the best way I know how. I try to be a good person, I try to make the world around me a little bit better, and I try to be in the service of others. If that’s not good enough because I cast my ballet to the left instead of the right, then it’s your loss, because I think you’re missing out on a great relationship you could have with me.

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