A Thing that must Go!

I have a bone to pick with you Utah. Your little decals that represent your family on the back of your minivans must go. Hello child molesters, here are the names and ages of my children…have at them. Seriously, SERIOUSLY, remove them. Not only are they so cutesy they annoy me to a level beyond reason, but they make you look like an idiot.

The End.


5 thoughts on “A Thing that must Go!

  1. It’s the stick figure ones that bug me. Here is a representation of your child and what he or she likes, so already the child molestor knows your child’s name and that they like football. There’s the hook. Hello people, think! If you can’t put your kids name on the outside of their backpack, why on earth would you put it on your car?

  2. So my blog gets imported to my facebook account and this blog sparked a rathy controversial and lengthy dicussion among my friends about gay marriage and how the “traditional” family is under attack. I was like, I just don’t like those freaking cutesy decals!

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