Summer is (almost) over

Now that the kiddies are back in school, “summer” is officially over. If only we could tell the temperatures that. In honor of the longest summer of my life (due to having a baby during a 3 month school break with 2 other kids at home) I’ve decided to blog about the top ten best things about summer and the top ten worst things about summer.

The Best Things About Summer

1 – BBQs and having nice thick cut hamburgers grilled to perfection.

2 – Ice cream.

3 – Running out the door and not having to layer up in coats, boots, mittens, etc.

4 – Going for walks in the evening when it has cooled off.

5 – Going swimming.

6 – Vacations.

7 – That something in the air that makes you feel carefree.

8 – Flip Flops.

9 – Sunshine.

10 – Enjoying the beauty of nature through camping, hiking, boating, and feeling the cool mountain air.

The Worst Things About Summer

1 – Sunburns.

2 – Mosquitoes.

3 – Family reunions and your Aunt Edna pinching your cheek and commenting about how much you’ve grown, and you’re 35.

4 – The kids being out of school.

5 – 100 degree temperatures.

6 – Having to work inside when it’s so beautiful outside.

7 – All the wildfires stupid kids start with illegal fireworks.

8 – Mowing and watering the lawn.

9 – Having to wear a bathing suit in front of people if you want to swim.

10 – Who are we kidding? Summer is pretty fricken’ great and a million times better than winter.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about summer?

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