10 more things you don’t know about me (continued)…

111 – I hate peaches.

112 – Every year when the last season of “The Office” comes out on DVD, my brother and I have an all day Office-a-thon (or office party) and watch all the episodes and the special features.

113 – I wake up with regular Mountain Dew hangovers.

114 – Every Sunday for 6 years I played the prelude and opening hymn in Young Women’s because everyone else who could play the piano refused to.

115 – When my Mom was alive she was a huge “American Idol” fan and we weren’t allowed to call her when it was on. But she would call us later and tell us about it. It annoyed me then and I miss it now.

116 – I’m allergic to peas but my parents wouldn’t believe me when I told them I got a funny taste in my mouth after I ate peas. They thought I just didn’t like them. Once to get out of eating them, I shoved them in my napkin, excused myself to go to the bathroom, and then flushed them down the toilet. This clogged the toilet and I got in trouble. But at least I didn’t have to eat them.

117 – I was so uncool in 6th grade that I didn’t know who Milli Vanilli was. I consider that a point of pride now.

118 – I worked at a frozen yogurt shop called Golden Swirl for a year and a half. On job applications proceeding that job I would list my job title as “Swirly Girl.”

119 – My sorority sisters and I were regulars at the Vortex on Ladies’ Night.

120 – Casey sort of proposed to me after a Violent Femmes concert. I say “sort of” because we already decided we were getting married and the wedding date before he asked me.


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