Pet Peeves

In thinking about it, I have a rather long list of pet peeves. Here’s a short list.

1 – Clicking onto someone’s blog or myspace page and their music comes up. When I’m on the computer I’m usually watching TV through my media center and the music always catches me off guard and scares me. I hate it!

2 – People who drive slow in the fast lane and won’t let people pass them.

3 – Black tights with white dress shoes. This is a fad better left in the 80s.

4 – People who say “don’t take is personal.” It’s personaLLY!! It’s an adverb, go back to grammar classes and learn the English language.

5 – When I go to put in a DVD and it won’t work because the back is covered in fingerprints. This is always due to my children man-handling them.

6 – The fact that Scrabble only comes with one Z. What’s up with that Hasbro? Sometimes a girl needs 2 Zs and I have to use one of those stupid blank tiles and I don’t get any points for that. Maybe I should start a petition.

7 – The fact that commercials are always louder than the show you’re watching.

8 – Black pants, white socks, and black shoes. Only Michael Jackson ever look cool wearing that combo and who wants to look like MJ now?

9 – Getting chain letter forwards. I am not going to send this to 60 of my closest friends so that I don’t have bad luck for 150 years. Also, people who forward something and don’t erase all the e-mails addresses of everyone who has received the forward before me so that I have to scroll down for 5 minutes just to get to the actual e-mail.

10 – When I’m walking into the mall pushing a stroller and no one will hold open a dang door for me even though they see me struggling. I always help out people in strollers.

What are some of your pet peeves?


2 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Thanks Chelsi! Luckily for me I have two children that are now old enough to hold open doors so I can push my stroller through. That still doesn’t take the sting away from the many years before that, though, when they were in the strollers themselves. I still cry at night.

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