My Geek-boy crushes

The last few blog posts of late have been rather serious, so I decided to write about something fun and light-hearted. Inspired by my sis Holly’s “Old Man Crush” blog post, I decided to write about my geek-boy crushes.

I don’t know why, but geek boys just do it for me more than guys like Brad Pitt. Maybe because there’s something there behind the good looks; like a sense of humor and decency. I’m not saying that Brad doesn’t have those things, but I’d rather be the pretty one in the relationship. Besides, geeks are just nicer. They treat you better and are more thankful to see you naked than a George Clooney. So here they are — my geek boy crushes….

Jim from “The Office.” And I mean Jim, not that actor who plays him. Maybe it’s the witty banter between him and Pam, or the hilarious tricks he plays on Dwight, or that he has more good sense than anyone else in the office. I don’t know. Is it his flippy hair? Or his ability to put office items, like staplers, into jello molds? Or the fact that he has soooo much potential but decides to waste his life away at a paper company in a “paperless world.” I think it’s because he’s hopelessly devoted to Pam.

Chuck from “Chuck.” Again, the character and not the actor who protrays him. From the first time I saw the show, I thought Chuck was a hottie. Is it because all the characters around him can’t believe it when Sarah shows interest in him? I think that’s ridiculous because he’s so cute. He’s also nice and loves his sister. Chuck can also kick butt along with the other CIA operatives. I can’t wait for the second season to start so I can get my Chuck crush on once again.

And last, but not certainly least, Casey, my big geeky studmuffin of a husband. On him I have the BIGGEST crush of all. He was just a simple Star Wars geek when we got married (if you can’t tell, his shirt says “Star Wars”) but he morphed into a full-blown computer geek after my Dad gave us his old PC. And boy, am I ever glad. His self-taught computer geek skills has given him and our family a modest, but nice living. Not only is he the sexiest geek I know, but he is the kindest person I’ve ever met. If you’re Casey’s friend, you’re a lucky person. He’s funny as hell and always knows how to put a smile on my face. I would gush more but it would just turn out sappy and annoying, so I’ll just say….

Geeks Rule!

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