Guns are more important than People

Two tragedies this week involving guns have rocked the headlines. First I was shocked to hear about Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson’s worst nightmare come true with her mother, brother, and 7 year old nephew being murdered. I can’t even begin to imagine the horrific pain she and her family must be going through. Losing my mother to cancer was awful enough…I can’t even begin to comprehend losing three of the most important people in my life to a shockingly gruesome crime. It is suspected her former brother-in-law committed the murders. And guess what? Whoever did this didn’t use a Chinese throwing star. How do you point a gun at a child and shoot him several times? An innocent 7 year old is dead. What do we have to say about that?

Another innocent child is dead today because stupid parents and uzis don’t mix. Eight-year-old Christopher Bizilj of Conneticut went to Massachusetts to a Gun Show where his parents allowed him to fire an uzi. A FREAKING UZI AND HE WAS 8!!! Poor young Christopher shot himself in the head when he lost control of the gun when it backfired. Just the thought of this little boy accidently killing himself with this powerful weapon is enough to make my heart break into pieces. This was done under “adult supervision.” Yeah, stupid adults. As a mother of a child only a year younger than Christopher, I can’t imagine putting an uzi in her hands and letting her shoot. Are you kidding me? Now I realize that saying the Bizilj family is devastated is a gross understatement and my deepest sympathy goes out to them. And I know this is probably going to be the hardest lesson they ever have to learn.

Seven-year-old Julian King and eight-year-old Christopher Bizilj are NOT acceptable losses to me. I believe in the Second Amendment, but I also believe that those who wrote the Bill of Rights never imagined hand guns, UZIS, sub-machine guns, et al. You don’t need a sub-machine gun to hunt. Unless you’re taking down a moose from a plane.

When are we going to say enough is enough? When are we going to say that PEOPLE are more important than GUNS? How many more children have to die before we learn?



Yesterday I was driving home from work and I passed a billboard with a picture of a big pair of shoes with a little pair of shoes on it. Under the picture it said “Take time to be a Dad today.” I don’t know how a picture of little shoes on a pair of big shoes conveys fatherhood. Nor do I understand why there isn’t similar billboards out there reminding women to take time to be a mom today. It seems kind of sexist to have to remind men to be parents but not women. This operates under the false assumption that men are inherently bad at the care and nurturing of children. If I was a man and father and drove by that billboard, I would be offended.

I have a suggestion for all you tuna fish sandwich lovers out there. I have been doing this for a few years and it’s quite delightful. No, I’m not suggesting you add relish. That’s been done to death (especially the tuna’s death). I recommended puting potato chips in your sandwich. I’m not kidding! It’s so good. I like regular ruffles. It gives the sandwich a nice salty crunch. Also, I would recommend miracle whip over mayonaise.

I love the Costco. The Costco is the best place to get gas, bulk items, what have you. I love the Costco so much that I add an unnecessary “the” in front of it. However, last night my husby brought home take and bake pizza from the Costco, and let me tell you, yuck-city. If you want to spend $10 to be grossed out and spend the rest of the night in the bathroom paying for it, this is the way to go.

The Doctor’s Office

Let me ask you this, how often have you had to wait for a while at the doctor’s office? I myself have had to wait for several doctors over the years. I once waited at my OB’s office for 2 hours when I was 38 weeks pregnant. So why is it, with all the time WE spend waiting for THEM, they can’t return the favor?

I understand schedules. I have a job where people make appointments with me and sometimes they’re late and I have to adjust my schedule accordingly. I understand because I know things pop up at a moment’s notice. You can’t control traffic or when your baby has a big poopy accident.

I ask this because today my baby had his 4 month well baby check up. When the doctor’s office called to confirm his appointment last Thursday I could have sworn they said his appointment was at 9:30. I have a good memory and I relied on it. I showed up at the office at 9:15 and they told me I was late and that his appointment was at 9:00. Then they made me reschedule and were totally rude about it. Really? I was 15 minutes late due to an honest mistake and they were rude to me. How come if I’m 15 minutes late they get to be rude and make me come back at a different time, but if they make me wait for several minutes to hours I just have to sit there and take it?

A to Z tag

I saw this on my e-friend Chelsi’s blog and thought I’d be a major copy cat. I’m still suffering from PTSD from the stove fire incident and needed something fun/fluffy to blog about.

A- Attached or Single: Very Attached to my husband of 9 years
B- Best Friends: Casey (husby), Jessica (bff), Amanda (sissie), Vic (bro)
C- Cake or Pie: CAKE!!!! Not a big fan of pie.
D- Day of Choice: Fridays have always been my favorite day of the week. I don’t know if it’s because I was born on a Friday or what.
E- Essential Item: my inhaler….I like breathing and don’t leave home w/out it.
F- Favorite Color: Blue. Lately it has been a dark turquoise that has caught my fancy.

G- Greatest Accomplishment: Being sealed to my family and graduating from college with 2 kids in tow.
H- Hometown: Ogden, otherwise known as O-town
I- Indulgences: Mountain Dew, Hostess cupcakes (those things must be laced with crack)
J- January or July: I HATE being cold and my birthday is in July so it wins by default because honestly I think July is too hot. January is depressing, don’t you think? You have nothing to look forward to in January accept more cold weather.
K- Kids: I have 3 of the most beautiful children ever conceived. This is fact, not opinion (wink). My daughter is 7, my son is 4, and my baby son is 4 months old.
L- Life is incomplete without: Casey, kids, and books
M- Marriage Date: August 20, 1999
N- Number of Siblings: 2, 1 older sister and 1 younger brother (also my best friends)
O- Orange or Apples: I love clementines at Christmastime and Granny Smith Apples the rest of the year.
P- Phobias or Fears: Falling. I’m not afraid of heights (I was perfectly comfortable at the top of the Empire State Building) but I HATE the sensation of falling. You will never see me jump out of a plane. I can’t even jump down from a 6 foot high fence.
Q- Quotes: “Life Shrinks or Expands in proportion to one’s courage.” -Anaiis Nin (obviously) and “No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.” -Helen Keller
R- Reason to Smile: My husband 🙂
S-Season: Summer is my favorite season. I love the warmth. Crave the sunlight. And I love running out my door in flipflops and not worrying about a jacket or being warm enough.
T-Tag five friends: I didn’t like tag as a child and I’m not sure about it now
U-Unknown Fact about Me: I can do all 5 ballet positions only with my feet inverted so instead of my toes pointing out, they point toward each other. It freaks most people out.
V- Very Favorite Store: Target is the best store ever!!!
W- Worst Habit: I’m lazy and can stay in my pjs all day.
X- X-ray or Ultra Sound: I had my arm x-rayed when I broke it when I was 11 (although it was pretty obvious it was broken so I don’t know why it was needed). I had my ankle x-rayed when I sprained it. And I’ve had several ultrasounds during my 3 pregnancies.
Y- Your Favorite Food: chicken, Mountain Dew, Munchos, Hostess cupcakes, cheese pizza, club sandwiches, bread
Z- Your Zodiac sign: Leo. I’m totally a Leo. Except for the whole extravagance thing. I love a bargain! Thank you Target for those bargains.


The scariest thing that ever happened to me happened last night. I was making dinner for my family and I had chicken cooking on one burner and water boiling for rice in a saucepan on another burner. My daughter was holding my baby in the living room and he was becoming increasingly fussy so I grabbed him and went back into the kitchen. I was trying to soothe the fussies out of him and luckily was no where near my stove (knowing that stoves and babies don’t mix). Suddenly, and without warning, my burner with the water on it, caught fire and sparks started shooting everywhere. The sparks went everywhere and several feet. I started screaming knowing that I was trapped in my kitchen with no way out. My two older children started screaming and crying. It only lasted a few seconds, but those were the scariest few seconds of my life. I didn’t know if the sparks from the stove would catch my whole house on fire. I was afraid that one of them would hit my baby even though I was shielding him. I was afraid that if the house did catch fire, my older two children wouldn’t run outside like they know they should. I don’t know how the heating element caught on fire but it basically evaporated all of the water I had in my saucepan and even burned a hole in that pan. My stove is kaput.

I think I have PTSD from this incident.

Ode to a Muncho

Dear, sweet Muncho, it is you that I love.
You are the tastiest chip ever to grace my palate.
Your salty crispness brings joy to my heart.
You are a mini chip vacation after a stressful day.
Combined with the sweet nectar of Mountain Dew, you are perfection.
Why, dear Muncho, can I only buy you at the gas station?
I want to see your beautiful orange cellophane wrappers line the shelves of my grocery store.
No other chip can compare to you.
Made from potatoes, you are the best thing to come out of Idaho since,
Well, more potatoes.
And although I would love to inhale you all at once,
I try to savor you one delicious bite at a time.
The end.

Motherhood….aw, the joys

Things I miss about NOT being a mother:

1 – Waking up at 10:30 am

2 – Going to the bathroom by myself

3 – Only doing homework that belongs to me

4 – Not hearing 200 questions that start with “why” a day

5 – Going out do dinner (or anywhere really) without finding a babysitter and/or packing a diaper bag first.

6 – Being able to hear the TV shows I’m watching

7 – Taking a sick day when I’m actually sick

8 – Eating dinner without having to beg/plead/order someone else to eat theirs

9 – Only identifying with Angela on “My So-called Life” and not her parents

Things I would miss if I was NEVER a mother:

1 – Rediscovering the world through a child’s eyes

2 – Hugs around the neck from tiny arms

3 – Sweet baby smiles

4 – Watching my daughter beam with pride as she holds her baby brother

5 – Being more excited about my kids being able to ride their bikes without training wheels than I was when I got my training wheels off

6 – The learning, growing, maturing, crying, worrying, and selflessness of motherhood

7 – The first time (and every time) you hear “I love you, mommy.”

8 – The funny things kids say (example: my 4 year old son said to me “when I grow up and get married, I’m gonna have a wallet.”)

9 – Singing good night lullabies

10 – The sweet sound of silence when it appears