Blah and more blah

I have felt less than inspired lately to write anything creative, fun, and/or meaningful. I think with the change of weather to Fall my mood has also changed and I have been slightly bereft lately. This time last year was honestly the suckiest time in my life and I feel like I’m reliving it. I guess what they say is true — you go through the 5 steps of grief over and over again no matter how many times you reach the acceptance phase. Damn you Elizabeth Kubler Ross!

Here are some of the things I’ve been thinking lately….

  • The fall leaves on the mountain do not look as pretty this year as they have in years past.
  • Why are they interrupting “The Office” for the Vice President’s debate? C’mon, priorities people. With all that is going on in the world right now I need to LAUGH and not just at how inept Sarah Palin is.
  • The season premier of “Chuck” featured two songs from Huey Lewis and the News – “Hip to be Square” and “Power of Love.” Did I miss something? Is HLATN cool again? If they are, sign me up. That’s the power of love!
  • PETA proposed that Ben & Jerry start making their ice cream out of breast milk because of the treatment of dairy cows. Now I don’t believe in torturing animals for their meat/milk/fur, but are they seriously saying that lactating cows are more important than lactating women? Gersh.
  • Is it me or does Halloween start earlier and earlier each year? I swear I saw Halloween decorations in the stores before the Back-to-school stuff was there. What’s up with that? It’s one freaking night where children dress up in costumes and solicit their neighbors for candy. I don’t get all the fuss and brouhaha.
  • Speaking of Halloween, I HATE Halloween. I only half-heartedly get into it for the sake of my kids. I hate haunted houses/mazes/church cultural halls. I hate chili cookoffs. And I hate hollowing out a vegetable and getting yucky stuff all over my arm. My Mom died 6 days after Halloween last year so excuse me if I don’t want to put on a costume and celebrate a holiday centered on death.
  • I am loving the “Indian” summer we are having (what’s the PC term for that?) Cold and rainy weather makes me despressed.
  • I heard someone is making a musical out of “American Psycho.” My question is “huh?” When I think of musicals I think of something that is uplifting a la “Les Mis,” “The Color Purple,” what have you. There is nothing uplifting about that book or movie. Okay, maybe the sight of Christian Bale’s naked body in the movie was uplifting, but still!

That is all, folks. I am thinking about lots more things, but nothing worthy of mentioning on such an important forum like my blog.


2 thoughts on “Blah and more blah

  1. That is odd that they would consider American Psycho for a musical. I can only imagine the chorus lines. Awww….but Christian Bale, I so agree with his amazingness all around. Sorry you are feeling down. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

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