Obama Sign Becomes Target of Disturbing Vandalism

I am sickened and disgusted.

From ksl.com:

“A Barack Obama yard sign is a disturbing case of vandalism. Unfortunately, it’s just one of a number of cases. Salt Lake police say a Sugar House woman with a Barack Obama sign in her yard came home to find the sign destroyed, and phrases like ‘He will die’ and the ‘N’ word written on her car. Democratic Party leader Wayne Holland says it’s disturbing. ‘There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s a minuscule group, or a few radicals that can’t stand competition,’ he said. Party leaders say Obama signs have been burned in Logan and Ogden, tagged in Bountiful and stolen from Park City to Tooele. ‘I really believe that the sign game will continue. It does bother people that the Democrats have a viable presidential campaign going on in this state,’ Holland said. Republican leaders say stolen signs are common for both sides in heated races, but the vandalism is disturbing. Salt Lake police don’t have any suspects in the case of the Sugar House vandalism, so they do not know the intent of the messages to say whether it’s a hate crime.”

Are you kidding me Salt Lake police? You don’t know the intent of the vandalism, so you don’t know if it’s a hate crime? Puh-leeze.

I thought I lived in America where I could put a freaking sign in my yard or on my car supporting the candidate I choose to support without being afraid that I’ll be rear-ended in traffic, pulled over by a police officer with a different policital opinion (believe it, it’s happened to a one of my friends), or have my yard tagged with awful racially hate-spewed messages.

2 thoughts on “Obama Sign Becomes Target of Disturbing Vandalism

  1. Yet people can spout their “W” ness and their McCain ness all over the place and we have to deal with it. Real fair. This is the exact reason I did not put a sign in my yard, as I live on a busy street and didn’t want anything of this nature to occur.

  2. Wait, I forgot to mention the wonderful prayers and testimony meetings where I got to hear people go on and on about how blessed we were to have George W and that he was sanctified by God, blah blah blah, for EIGHT YEARS! I wonder what would happen if I said these things about Obama in sacrament meeting. I think people would freak out.

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