Motherhood….aw, the joys

Things I miss about NOT being a mother:

1 – Waking up at 10:30 am

2 – Going to the bathroom by myself

3 – Only doing homework that belongs to me

4 – Not hearing 200 questions that start with “why” a day

5 – Going out do dinner (or anywhere really) without finding a babysitter and/or packing a diaper bag first.

6 – Being able to hear the TV shows I’m watching

7 – Taking a sick day when I’m actually sick

8 – Eating dinner without having to beg/plead/order someone else to eat theirs

9 – Only identifying with Angela on “My So-called Life” and not her parents

Things I would miss if I was NEVER a mother:

1 – Rediscovering the world through a child’s eyes

2 – Hugs around the neck from tiny arms

3 – Sweet baby smiles

4 – Watching my daughter beam with pride as she holds her baby brother

5 – Being more excited about my kids being able to ride their bikes without training wheels than I was when I got my training wheels off

6 – The learning, growing, maturing, crying, worrying, and selflessness of motherhood

7 – The first time (and every time) you hear “I love you, mommy.”

8 – The funny things kids say (example: my 4 year old son said to me “when I grow up and get married, I’m gonna have a wallet.”)

9 – Singing good night lullabies

10 – The sweet sound of silence when it appears


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