The scariest thing that ever happened to me happened last night. I was making dinner for my family and I had chicken cooking on one burner and water boiling for rice in a saucepan on another burner. My daughter was holding my baby in the living room and he was becoming increasingly fussy so I grabbed him and went back into the kitchen. I was trying to soothe the fussies out of him and luckily was no where near my stove (knowing that stoves and babies don’t mix). Suddenly, and without warning, my burner with the water on it, caught fire and sparks started shooting everywhere. The sparks went everywhere and several feet. I started screaming knowing that I was trapped in my kitchen with no way out. My two older children started screaming and crying. It only lasted a few seconds, but those were the scariest few seconds of my life. I didn’t know if the sparks from the stove would catch my whole house on fire. I was afraid that one of them would hit my baby even though I was shielding him. I was afraid that if the house did catch fire, my older two children wouldn’t run outside like they know they should. I don’t know how the heating element caught on fire but it basically evaporated all of the water I had in my saucepan and even burned a hole in that pan. My stove is kaput.

I think I have PTSD from this incident.

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