Yesterday I was driving home from work and I passed a billboard with a picture of a big pair of shoes with a little pair of shoes on it. Under the picture it said “Take time to be a Dad today.” I don’t know how a picture of little shoes on a pair of big shoes conveys fatherhood. Nor do I understand why there isn’t similar billboards out there reminding women to take time to be a mom today. It seems kind of sexist to have to remind men to be parents but not women. This operates under the false assumption that men are inherently bad at the care and nurturing of children. If I was a man and father and drove by that billboard, I would be offended.

I have a suggestion for all you tuna fish sandwich lovers out there. I have been doing this for a few years and it’s quite delightful. No, I’m not suggesting you add relish. That’s been done to death (especially the tuna’s death). I recommended puting potato chips in your sandwich. I’m not kidding! It’s so good. I like regular ruffles. It gives the sandwich a nice salty crunch. Also, I would recommend miracle whip over mayonaise.

I love the Costco. The Costco is the best place to get gas, bulk items, what have you. I love the Costco so much that I add an unnecessary “the” in front of it. However, last night my husby brought home take and bake pizza from the Costco, and let me tell you, yuck-city. If you want to spend $10 to be grossed out and spend the rest of the night in the bathroom paying for it, this is the way to go.


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