Why Perez Hilton sucks

About a year ago I heard about Perez Hilton’s celebrity gossip blog and decided to check it out. I heard that it was funny and some posts were. After a year of checking it almost every day I have decided never to read it again. I have several reasons why.

While some of his posts were funny, a majority of them were incredibly mean-spirited. He seems to target those in the public eye whom he does not like. I don’t care if you’re famous or not, a person is still a person. Everyone who’s been talked about behind their back knows how badly it hurts. He gives a free pass to celebrities he likes and continually picks on the same few over and over again. That really bugs me.

He likes to draw very gross things on pictures. I would describe them here if I didn’t have any taste. If he wants to be taken seriously, he needs to stop drawing penises (and the like) on every picture.

He breeds negative energy. Just look at his comment section.

He attacks celebrity’s children and calls them ugly. Their parents are adults and chose to be famous, but their kids didn’t. You just don’t go after some one’s children like that.

He is openly gay, and I don’t have a problem with that. I have a lot of gay friends and it’s just not something that bothers me. He used his blog to promote voting against Proposition 8. Again, I have no problem with this because it’s his blog and he can choose to promote whatever he wants. However, because Prop 8 passed he has decided to blame the entire things on Mormons. He has very bigoted things on his website against Mormons and has been spewing hate and lies. He has decided to ignore that African Americans and Hispanics voted over-whelming in favor of Prop 8 and that the No on 8 side raised a lot more money than the Yes on 8 people. He and others have made Mormons the scapegoats and it’s really pissing me off.

Perez has decided to try to get his readers to boycott people and places he feels are Mormon-owned or contributed money to Yes on Prop 8. Again, that’s fully within his rights, but one of the things he is doing is boycotting Sundance and the ski slopes in Utah. If he really is trying to boycott Mormons, he’s chosen the 2 most un-Mormon things about Utah. He also seems to think that Utah = Mormon and by boycotting Utah, you’re boycotting Mormons. Wrong. We’re only 62% of the population here and the majority of our members live outside of Utah and outside of the United States.

So I’m choosing not to engage with someone who attacks people and children and is promoting hatred and bigotry. I’m not saying that I agree with Prop 8 or that I’m against providing homosexuals with equal rights. I support people’s right to protest. I’m just not going to give my time and energy to someone who has decided to promote hatred and bigotry as a way to counteract hatred and bigotry.


One thought on “Why Perez Hilton sucks

  1. How hypocritical! I mean he wants people to view the gay community in a positive light and yet he is persecuting Mormons with vitriol and hate? That doesn’t make any sense, that is just making things worse! I don’t understand this mentality AT ALL.

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