How 5 hours without Power almost broke me

Yesterday the lovely power company disconnected power to about 60 of my neighbors, including me, while they did an “emergency” fix. I don’t know if they can really call it an emergency since they alerted us to the power outage a week in advance.

I got the little hang sign on the my front door on November 11th telling me that I would be without power for a few hours the following Tuesday. Well I looked at it, thought “gee, well that sucks,” and then quickly forgot about it. Until Tuesday morning when everything turned off all of a sudden and fried the surge protector on my ‘puter.

I can’t tell you how much fun it is to try to keep a whining 4 year old boy entertained for 5 hours while you, yourself, is bored out of your mind. If I was by myself, I would have just gone back to bed with a good book. So I tried to get my son engaged in doing other things like coloring and reading a book together, and *gasp* even cleaning, but he wasn’t having it. He’s been on a “Kung Fu Panda” kick lately and if he doesn’t get his daily fix, well he’s rather grumpy while he detoxs.

I knew I was getting desperate when I told him a fun thing to do was to name the cars that came down our street. “There’s a red car! There’s a gold SUV! There’s a green truck! There’s two white cars!” He only found it interesting for about the first 50 cars and sadly I kept naming them long after he got bored and walked away.

I learned a huge lesson. I’m way to dependent on the grid. I could never be Amish. Do you know how many times I turned on the light in the bathroom out of habit? Seriously. Somehow, my son and I survived. I never want to be home with small and bored children again during a power outage.


One thought on “How 5 hours without Power almost broke me

  1. It is amazing how addicted and dependent we all are on technology. Its quite ridiculous. I’m a huge movie buff, but sometimes I wish that my future children could be exposed to literature only for a little while before experiencing Harry Potter and the likes through a television. I just think that literature has been tainted by movies and TV. I hope through some miracle that I will be able to read to my children and have them be somewhat fascinated as I once was by reading. I think we have definitely lost something as a society in our dependence on technology.

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