Year in Review

Wow, 2008 is coming to a close today. I not only can’t believe how fast the year went by, I’m amazed at how many things have happened and how much I’ve grown this year. Here are the things that have happened this year:

*In January I started this blog.

*On February 12th, we found out we were having a boy! We decided to name him Dane after his grandmother.

*At the end of February, Casey was promoted to a manager.

*Also in May, Reilley finished first grade and Cole finished his first year in pre-school.

*In June I gave birth the most darling baby boy. He has brought our family so much joy.

*In July I hit a milestone by turning 30.

*In August Casey and I celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary and a decade of being a couple.

*Also in August we had a great trip up to Bear Lake with Casey’s family.

*The kids started back to school at the end of August, Reilley in 2nd grade and Cole in his second year of pre-school.

*In September, Casey gave Dane a name and a blessing. We had so many friends and family come out and support us that day.

*For Halloween the kids went as a Russian Barbie princess (Reilley), Handy Manny (Cole), and a pumpkin (Dane).

*On November 4th, for the first time in 12 years the guy I voted for won. Yay President Obama!

*In November, we mourned the year anniversary of my Mom’s passing.

*Also in November, my dad became engaged to Neva.

*In December I was able to go to my Dad and Neva’s wedding in Indiana with my brother and baby.

*In December, Dane celebrated his first Christmas.

*Casey and I celebrated our 11th Christmas together.

As this year draws to a close and everyone is doing a year in review, I sit and wonder what 2009 has in store for me. Hopefully I can sit here a year from today and reflect on all that I have accomplished, all that I still want to accomplish, the highs, the lows, the laughter, and the tears. Now it’s time to think about resolutions for the new year.


Blog Therapy

This has been the longest week ever. Sunday my Dad, brother, 6 month old baby and I flew to Indiana for my Dad’s wedding. My baby was an angel. He’s almost too good to be true. He charmed everyone every where with his constant smiling and good nature. Thank goodness for that.

I’ve never flown Southwest before, and let me tell you, the choosing of your own seat instead of assigned seating, sucks. I hated it. I shouldn’t have to beg someone to move so that I can sit next to my family members who will help me with my baby. Anyway, when we landed in Indiana the pilot said something along the lines of it being 1 degree outside with winds up to 20 miles an hour. I’ve never known cold like that before. Being from Utah, I thought I knew cold. I was wrong. Thirty degrees would have felt tropical. I thought my ears were literally going to break off if I touched them. And that was only after being outside for five minutes, tops. Dry cold is one thing. Humid cold is bone chilling.

The next day the weather was beautiful and a smidge warmer. Still, I’m sure glad my brother and I hit up the local Target. Me for a winter hat and ear muffs and him for some long underwear. Mostly I got the ear muffs so that my brother could say “Nice Muffs” to me and we can die laughing. Yep, it’s an inside joke.

The next day was the wedding. It couldn’t have been a worse day for the wedding. Luckily the ceremony and reception were beautiful. It started to rain and the temperature dropped. Usually when that happens in Utah, the rain turns to snow. Not in Indiana apparently. The rain froze. Our car was covered in ice. I’ve never had to break ice off my car door handle just to open it. Parking lots were like ice skating rinks. Not exactly weather to wear dress shoes in.

The worst part was after we left the reception. All we had to do was drive 25 miles to our hotel which should have only taken us 45 minutes at the most. It took us 4 hours. FOUR FREAKING HOURS! It was raining so hard the windshield wipers couldn’t get the water off fast enough. The rain was freezing the minute it hit the ground. For most of the time on the freeway we were going only 5 miles an hour. The freeway was all ice. People were abandoning their cars left and right. They were skidding out all over the place. They closed down the freeway and we were forced to get off on the exit right before the exit we were supposed to take to get to our hotel. And my brother and I had no map or GPS to help us get back. My poor baby hadn’t eaten in hours and I knew he was going to wake up and start screaming. Nothing like a screaming baby to add to the stress of an already horrible predicament. So I climbed into the backseat, buckled myself in, and leaned over and let him nurse while he was still safely buckled into his carseat. Yep, I need to see my chiropractor on Monday to help work out those kinks that position caused. At one point I thought my brother’s head might explode. Literally. I’ve never seen him more angry. We somehow made it back to our hotel.

The next day was Christmas Eve and I was so worried I wouldn’t make it home in time to spend it with my husband and my two other children. All of our flights were delayed. The Las Vegas airport is a total hole by the way. It’s the most broke-down airport I’ve ever been in. We were originally supposed to land in Utah at 7:00 pm. I didn’t get home until after 10:00 pm. But I made it home. And I was there on Christmas morning with my family.

Thank you for letting me vent. I survived my Dad’s wedding, traveling at Christmastime, Indiana ice storms, and I came back grateful for where I live, my family, and only minorly psychologically damaged.

In Honor of Christmas

3 Favorite Christmas movies:

1. “White Christmas” – this is a Christmas classic. It reminds me of my Mom and Grandma. No one beats Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas.”
2. “It’s a Wonderful Life” – every time I hear Harry Bailey say “to my big brother, George. This richest man in town,” I cry.
3. “Elf” – this just makes me laugh.

3 Favorite Christmas songs:

1. “Merry Christmas Darling” sung by Karen Carpenter. It reminds me of my Mom listening to “A Christmas Portrait” album while she made kleiner.
2. “O Holy Night” – it’s just beautiful
3. “Sleigh Ride” – my favorite part is when it starts into “There’s a Christmas party at the home of Farmer Gray….”

3 Favorite Christmas Traditions:

1. Making kleiner (Danish Christmas cookie) with my Mom and now my sister.
2.Getting together with my family on Christmas morning to eat aebleskievers and exchange presents.
3. All of the fun family traditions my husband’s family has. Candy houses, drawing names for presents, Christmas parties, wearing ulgy sweaters to said parties, just being together.

3 Favorite Christmas gift you’ve ever gotten:

1. Casey got me a DVD of my favorite movie, “High Society” and the entire series of “My So-Called Life” on DVD one year
2. My parents always give us money and that is always very helpful around the holidays.
3. Every Christmas that I got to spend with a loved one who is no longer here was a gift.

Facebook Pet Peeves

I truly love Facebook. As a busy mother of 3, it’s about the only way I have a social life. Pathetic, but true. And I’ve reconnected with a lot of friends from high school and college. It’s a good way to keep in touch with friends and family that live far away. There are also some things about facebook that annoy the crap out of me. Here are my facebook pet peeves:

1 – People that broadcast the ups and downs of their romantic life in their status updates. I have a facebook “friend” that I don’t know very well, but I do know the entire saga of his last unrequited love relationship all through his frequently updated status updates. Dude, you look desperate and pathetic and that’s attractive to no one.

2 – People who write on my wall telling me that they’re going through a divorce. How the hug do I respond to that? Do you really want me to write on your wall saying “Sorry about the divorce. Hope things get better soon”?

3 – People who “un-friend” you because they don’t share the same political opinions as you. If you’re not mature enough to handle someone with a different opinion than you, you’re not mature enough for adulthood.

4 – People who read/watch every single thing you post and make a comment about every single thing you post, especially if it’s something they disagree with. If I post something from Keith Olbermann, and you don’t like him….DON’T WATCH IT! There is no facebook law saying that you must look at every picture, read every article, and watch every video, every single one of your friends post. I don’t have that kind of time…why do you?

5 – Couples who write intimate things to each other on their wall or in their status update. Hello! All 178 of your friends saw that you and your wife “had a really good time this morning, wink wink.” Gross.

6 – Applications that make you invite a certain number of your friends before you can procede. That’s obnoxious. All the applications that do that to me, I quickly delete.

7 – People who add you as their friend only because they’re a real estate agent/sell Mary Kay. I don’t want what you’re selling so please leave me alone.

8 – People who invite you to join causes you’re against and then get mad at you when you don’t join. I invite every single one of my friends to the Pancreatic Cancer cause because my Mom died of that disease and currently only 2% of cancer research money goes to Pancreatic cancer when it is the 4th leading cause of cancer death. If that annoys you, I will not chase after you. But please don’t invite me to join political causes I fundamentally disagree with and then send me 20 reminders to join. If I didn’t join the first time…there was a reason, and I was trying to be polite about it.

Does any one else have any pet peeves about facebook?


It has been two years and I have still not gotten over a devastating loss in my life. I’m talking about the cancellation of one of my most favorite shows, “Everwood.” I never intended to watch or like this show, but I did and fell in love with it.

It was back in 2002 when my Mom started talking incessantly about a new show she loved. I had seen the previews for it on the WB and had dismissed it as just another “7th Heaven” overly preachy type show. I remember being at my parent’s house one night using their computer and making fun of the show while my Mom sat enraptured by every second of it. I’m sure I rolled my eyes a few times. After the show was over she said that they filmed it in Utah. I was shocked. I had no idea. Then she told me that the street they use as the main street in the town of Everwood is a main street in the city where I live.

It was with this new found knowledge that I decided to tune into “Everwood” the next Monday night. I wanted to see if I could identify Utah scenery on my television. After a few minutes, I became so engrossed in the storyline that I forgot completely why I originally started watching. What I watched was some of the most beautifully written and beautifully acted storytelling that I have ever seen. After that, my Monday nights belonged to “Everwood.”
If you’ve never seen “Everwood,” then you truly missed out. The show was about a famous neurosurgeon in New York, Dr. Andrew Brown (played by the wonderful Treat Williams), that was so successful in his career he neglected his family. His wife Julia was the rock of the family and a wonderful mother to their son Ephram and daughter Delia. Ephram is a piano prodigy and destined for Julliard when his mother is tragically killed in a car accident on the way to one of his recitals. Dr. Brown’s world is turned upside down and he decides to live up to a promise to Julia and gives up his lucrative practice in New York and moves his family to Everwood, Colorado where he establishes a free family practice. Everwood is a tiny town in the middle of the mountains. Ephram, being 15 years old, hates his father for his mother’s death, his neglect, and moving him away from the only home he has ever known. In Everwood they meet the Abbott family. Dr. Abbott has been the resident town doctor for 15 years and he and Dr. Brown establish a quick rivalry. Amy Abbott befriends Ephram right away and her quirkiness and prettiness intrigues Ephram and he develops a crush on her. Amy has a boyfriend named Colin, which complicates things between her and Ephram. Especially when Ephram learns that Colin is in a coma and Amy wants Dr. Brown to perform surgery on him to bring him out it. All of this in the first episode.
At the heart of it, “Everwood” was a show about family. Andy and Eprham learned to forgive each other and built a father/son relationship. It’s about falling in love for the first time and what that means. It’s about community, friendships, and neighbors. It was also hysterical and I still quote from the show. My favorite comic relief was Dr. Abbott’s mother, Edna, who was a veteran of two wars and was as crusty and curmudgeonly as they come. There are several episodes that left me laughing until I cried and crying until I laughed.
It was also a show I shared with my Mom, and we would call each other on Monday nights after it aired to discuss the episode. Now that she’s gone, watching “Everwood” is bittersweet and I can identify with Ephram and Delia and the feelings they have surrounding the loss of their mother.
“Everwood” was on the air for four years. I still mourn it’s loss. Maybe I would have gotten over it by now if Warner Brothers would actually release seasons 2 – 4 onto DVD. When the WB and UPN merged into the CW, they canceled “Everwood” in favor of bringing back “7th Heaven” for another year. That dead horse should have been shot long ago. Yep, I’m still bitter about it. Especially since I’ve seen the crap the CW has spewed since (I’m looking at you “Gossip Girl”).
The ABC Family Channel showed “Everwood” in reruns once, and has never repeated them. I recently found out I can watch episodes online, but they are only selected episodes when they become available. I saw the actor, Tom Amandes, who played Dr. Abbott at Sundance right after “Everwood” was canceled and I totally accosted him on the street and yelled “I miss Everwood!” He said “Aw, me too.” After I started rambling incoherently about them taking down the train station facade on 25th street, I think he thought I was crazy.
The point of this blog is I want “Everwood” on DVD NOW! Are you listening Warner Brothers? Mmm, probably not. But 5 million Everwood fans can’t be wrong.

Once again, Chris Buttars embarasses Utah

Chris Buttars is the Republican Utah Senator who represents West Jordan and is a constant embarrassment to our state. I could go on and on for hours talking about the idiotic legislation he’s constantly trying to pass, but I won’t. This post is going to talk about a specific piece of idiotic legislation.

Buttars believes rather ridiculously that there is a “War on Christmas.” He wants to “encourage” Utah businesses to use the phrase “Merry Christmas” in their advertising instead of “Happy Holidays.” Apparently Buttars says he is sick of the war on Christmas and that we are a Christian nation and we ought to use the word. Hey Buttars, have you forgotten two things? First, America is the greatest melting pot in the world where we ought to welcome all religions, ethnicities, cultures, etc. Second, we have something called the freedom of speech and you can’t legislate the words businesses can or can’t use in their advertising, unless it crosses over into obscenities and “Happy Holidays” isn’t obscene.

BUTTars, you’re a moron and an embarrassment to the state of Utah. You even made the Worst Person in the World on Keith Olbermann. That kind of stupidity is usually reserved for Bill O’Reilly or soon-to-be Ex-President Bush. I am pleading with the residents of West Jordan to vote this moron out the next election cycle. Do the rest of the state a favor and cast your ballot for anyone but him! Please! I beg of you!!!