Once again, Chris Buttars embarasses Utah

Chris Buttars is the Republican Utah Senator who represents West Jordan and is a constant embarrassment to our state. I could go on and on for hours talking about the idiotic legislation he’s constantly trying to pass, but I won’t. This post is going to talk about a specific piece of idiotic legislation.

Buttars believes rather ridiculously that there is a “War on Christmas.” He wants to “encourage” Utah businesses to use the phrase “Merry Christmas” in their advertising instead of “Happy Holidays.” Apparently Buttars says he is sick of the war on Christmas and that we are a Christian nation and we ought to use the word. Hey Buttars, have you forgotten two things? First, America is the greatest melting pot in the world where we ought to welcome all religions, ethnicities, cultures, etc. Second, we have something called the freedom of speech and you can’t legislate the words businesses can or can’t use in their advertising, unless it crosses over into obscenities and “Happy Holidays” isn’t obscene.

BUTTars, you’re a moron and an embarrassment to the state of Utah. You even made the Worst Person in the World on Keith Olbermann. That kind of stupidity is usually reserved for Bill O’Reilly or soon-to-be Ex-President Bush. I am pleading with the residents of West Jordan to vote this moron out the next election cycle. Do the rest of the state a favor and cast your ballot for anyone but him! Please! I beg of you!!!

3 thoughts on “Once again, Chris Buttars embarasses Utah

  1. Totally saw the Keith’s Worst thing. Hilarious. Its legislation like this that makes me see how much time is truly wasted at tax payers expense. Aren’t there like a thousand other things that we need to worry about, like maybe homeless people or starving children or lack of health care before we get to the trivial stuff?

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