It has been two years and I have still not gotten over a devastating loss in my life. I’m talking about the cancellation of one of my most favorite shows, “Everwood.” I never intended to watch or like this show, but I did and fell in love with it.

It was back in 2002 when my Mom started talking incessantly about a new show she loved. I had seen the previews for it on the WB and had dismissed it as just another “7th Heaven” overly preachy type show. I remember being at my parent’s house one night using their computer and making fun of the show while my Mom sat enraptured by every second of it. I’m sure I rolled my eyes a few times. After the show was over she said that they filmed it in Utah. I was shocked. I had no idea. Then she told me that the street they use as the main street in the town of Everwood is a main street in the city where I live.

It was with this new found knowledge that I decided to tune into “Everwood” the next Monday night. I wanted to see if I could identify Utah scenery on my television. After a few minutes, I became so engrossed in the storyline that I forgot completely why I originally started watching. What I watched was some of the most beautifully written and beautifully acted storytelling that I have ever seen. After that, my Monday nights belonged to “Everwood.”
If you’ve never seen “Everwood,” then you truly missed out. The show was about a famous neurosurgeon in New York, Dr. Andrew Brown (played by the wonderful Treat Williams), that was so successful in his career he neglected his family. His wife Julia was the rock of the family and a wonderful mother to their son Ephram and daughter Delia. Ephram is a piano prodigy and destined for Julliard when his mother is tragically killed in a car accident on the way to one of his recitals. Dr. Brown’s world is turned upside down and he decides to live up to a promise to Julia and gives up his lucrative practice in New York and moves his family to Everwood, Colorado where he establishes a free family practice. Everwood is a tiny town in the middle of the mountains. Ephram, being 15 years old, hates his father for his mother’s death, his neglect, and moving him away from the only home he has ever known. In Everwood they meet the Abbott family. Dr. Abbott has been the resident town doctor for 15 years and he and Dr. Brown establish a quick rivalry. Amy Abbott befriends Ephram right away and her quirkiness and prettiness intrigues Ephram and he develops a crush on her. Amy has a boyfriend named Colin, which complicates things between her and Ephram. Especially when Ephram learns that Colin is in a coma and Amy wants Dr. Brown to perform surgery on him to bring him out it. All of this in the first episode.
At the heart of it, “Everwood” was a show about family. Andy and Eprham learned to forgive each other and built a father/son relationship. It’s about falling in love for the first time and what that means. It’s about community, friendships, and neighbors. It was also hysterical and I still quote from the show. My favorite comic relief was Dr. Abbott’s mother, Edna, who was a veteran of two wars and was as crusty and curmudgeonly as they come. There are several episodes that left me laughing until I cried and crying until I laughed.
It was also a show I shared with my Mom, and we would call each other on Monday nights after it aired to discuss the episode. Now that she’s gone, watching “Everwood” is bittersweet and I can identify with Ephram and Delia and the feelings they have surrounding the loss of their mother.
“Everwood” was on the air for four years. I still mourn it’s loss. Maybe I would have gotten over it by now if Warner Brothers would actually release seasons 2 – 4 onto DVD. When the WB and UPN merged into the CW, they canceled “Everwood” in favor of bringing back “7th Heaven” for another year. That dead horse should have been shot long ago. Yep, I’m still bitter about it. Especially since I’ve seen the crap the CW has spewed since (I’m looking at you “Gossip Girl”).
The ABC Family Channel showed “Everwood” in reruns once, and has never repeated them. I recently found out I can watch episodes online, but they are only selected episodes when they become available. I saw the actor, Tom Amandes, who played Dr. Abbott at Sundance right after “Everwood” was canceled and I totally accosted him on the street and yelled “I miss Everwood!” He said “Aw, me too.” After I started rambling incoherently about them taking down the train station facade on 25th street, I think he thought I was crazy.
The point of this blog is I want “Everwood” on DVD NOW! Are you listening Warner Brothers? Mmm, probably not. But 5 million Everwood fans can’t be wrong.

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