Facebook Pet Peeves

I truly love Facebook. As a busy mother of 3, it’s about the only way I have a social life. Pathetic, but true. And I’ve reconnected with a lot of friends from high school and college. It’s a good way to keep in touch with friends and family that live far away. There are also some things about facebook that annoy the crap out of me. Here are my facebook pet peeves:

1 – People that broadcast the ups and downs of their romantic life in their status updates. I have a facebook “friend” that I don’t know very well, but I do know the entire saga of his last unrequited love relationship all through his frequently updated status updates. Dude, you look desperate and pathetic and that’s attractive to no one.

2 – People who write on my wall telling me that they’re going through a divorce. How the hug do I respond to that? Do you really want me to write on your wall saying “Sorry about the divorce. Hope things get better soon”?

3 – People who “un-friend” you because they don’t share the same political opinions as you. If you’re not mature enough to handle someone with a different opinion than you, you’re not mature enough for adulthood.

4 – People who read/watch every single thing you post and make a comment about every single thing you post, especially if it’s something they disagree with. If I post something from Keith Olbermann, and you don’t like him….DON’T WATCH IT! There is no facebook law saying that you must look at every picture, read every article, and watch every video, every single one of your friends post. I don’t have that kind of time…why do you?

5 – Couples who write intimate things to each other on their wall or in their status update. Hello! All 178 of your friends saw that you and your wife “had a really good time this morning, wink wink.” Gross.

6 – Applications that make you invite a certain number of your friends before you can procede. That’s obnoxious. All the applications that do that to me, I quickly delete.

7 – People who add you as their friend only because they’re a real estate agent/sell Mary Kay. I don’t want what you’re selling so please leave me alone.

8 – People who invite you to join causes you’re against and then get mad at you when you don’t join. I invite every single one of my friends to the Pancreatic Cancer cause because my Mom died of that disease and currently only 2% of cancer research money goes to Pancreatic cancer when it is the 4th leading cause of cancer death. If that annoys you, I will not chase after you. But please don’t invite me to join political causes I fundamentally disagree with and then send me 20 reminders to join. If I didn’t join the first time…there was a reason, and I was trying to be polite about it.

Does any one else have any pet peeves about facebook?


3 thoughts on “Facebook Pet Peeves

  1. Awww Facebook. I love my 95 new invites to everything from lawn maintenance to mafia wars. Wait, no i don’t! I tolerate these sights because I’m bored and there is no way I would keep up with people from high school if it weren’t for the internet.

  2. Awww bitches. Thats all I can think of to say, because for the most part thats how I feel about people who do all of the above. I have a friend that will write gay things like “Devin wishes that girls would stop ignoring him when hes just trying to be friendly because they think that I am trying to ask them out….” Seriously dude. Its true, you’re creepy and yes thats exactly what you do. Great blog Rissa!

  3. Tru Dat!!!! To Everything!!!! I always have tons of gifts or requests i delete them all not becuase i’m mean but becuase i don’t want to deal with all the crap that comes with it after you accept! I also don’t feel bad about not accepting people. I don’t want certain peole knowing about my life 80)if that makes me a biotch oh well 80)

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