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This has been the longest week ever. Sunday my Dad, brother, 6 month old baby and I flew to Indiana for my Dad’s wedding. My baby was an angel. He’s almost too good to be true. He charmed everyone every where with his constant smiling and good nature. Thank goodness for that.

I’ve never flown Southwest before, and let me tell you, the choosing of your own seat instead of assigned seating, sucks. I hated it. I shouldn’t have to beg someone to move so that I can sit next to my family members who will help me with my baby. Anyway, when we landed in Indiana the pilot said something along the lines of it being 1 degree outside with winds up to 20 miles an hour. I’ve never known cold like that before. Being from Utah, I thought I knew cold. I was wrong. Thirty degrees would have felt tropical. I thought my ears were literally going to break off if I touched them. And that was only after being outside for five minutes, tops. Dry cold is one thing. Humid cold is bone chilling.

The next day the weather was beautiful and a smidge warmer. Still, I’m sure glad my brother and I hit up the local Target. Me for a winter hat and ear muffs and him for some long underwear. Mostly I got the ear muffs so that my brother could say “Nice Muffs” to me and we can die laughing. Yep, it’s an inside joke.

The next day was the wedding. It couldn’t have been a worse day for the wedding. Luckily the ceremony and reception were beautiful. It started to rain and the temperature dropped. Usually when that happens in Utah, the rain turns to snow. Not in Indiana apparently. The rain froze. Our car was covered in ice. I’ve never had to break ice off my car door handle just to open it. Parking lots were like ice skating rinks. Not exactly weather to wear dress shoes in.

The worst part was after we left the reception. All we had to do was drive 25 miles to our hotel which should have only taken us 45 minutes at the most. It took us 4 hours. FOUR FREAKING HOURS! It was raining so hard the windshield wipers couldn’t get the water off fast enough. The rain was freezing the minute it hit the ground. For most of the time on the freeway we were going only 5 miles an hour. The freeway was all ice. People were abandoning their cars left and right. They were skidding out all over the place. They closed down the freeway and we were forced to get off on the exit right before the exit we were supposed to take to get to our hotel. And my brother and I had no map or GPS to help us get back. My poor baby hadn’t eaten in hours and I knew he was going to wake up and start screaming. Nothing like a screaming baby to add to the stress of an already horrible predicament. So I climbed into the backseat, buckled myself in, and leaned over and let him nurse while he was still safely buckled into his carseat. Yep, I need to see my chiropractor on Monday to help work out those kinks that position caused. At one point I thought my brother’s head might explode. Literally. I’ve never seen him more angry. We somehow made it back to our hotel.

The next day was Christmas Eve and I was so worried I wouldn’t make it home in time to spend it with my husband and my two other children. All of our flights were delayed. The Las Vegas airport is a total hole by the way. It’s the most broke-down airport I’ve ever been in. We were originally supposed to land in Utah at 7:00 pm. I didn’t get home until after 10:00 pm. But I made it home. And I was there on Christmas morning with my family.

Thank you for letting me vent. I survived my Dad’s wedding, traveling at Christmastime, Indiana ice storms, and I came back grateful for where I live, my family, and only minorly psychologically damaged.


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