New Year’s Resolutions

I better post these so that I have a constant reminder to live up to them.

1 – To start eating healthier and exercising more. My Mom died of cancer and I owe it to my kids to try to curb any incidence of cancer I might be genetically prone to by improving my health while I’m still young.

2 – To save enough money to buy a house in 2010. This means no more new shoes on a whim. No more fast food because I don’t feel like cooking. And bringing my lunch to work. Whenever I want something (or the hubby or kids) I will ask if I want that or a house more.

3 – To have more patience. To pray for patience because it works.

4 – To be more honest and not bite my tongue because I’m afraid that someone will get mad at me or won’t like me.

5 – To increase my spirituality with dedicated scripture reading and prayer.

6 – To floss more. I’ve neglected my gums out of laziness long enough.

What are your Resolutions for 2009?


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