What the heck Tuesday

My little sister-in-law Holly is in the ICU right now and the docs can’t exactly pinpoint what is wrong with her. She had an abscess removed from under her arm on Thursday. Now she has an infection and they don’t know if it’s from Toxic Shock syndrome due to the gauze she had to pack her wound with or what. Holly was in the hospital a few years ago from a fractured neck she suffered in a car accident. You’d think she’d get a free pass on anymore medical crap. What the heck?
Are you a fan of “Intervention” on A&E like I am? Last night they did an update on a woman named Tressa. She has had 8 months sober and on the update they were watching her original “Intervention.” Her Dad said to her, “you still haven’t said sorry for everything you’ve put us through.” He also told her that addiction isn’t a disease and that the interventionist didn’t understand everything they went through or addiction (even though she’s a recovering addict). He also doesn’t believe that Tressa is a lesbian because according to him they don’t exist. What a freaking narcissist. Dude, the world doesn’t revolved around you. Her job is to stay sober right now and your job is to go to Al-anon, like the interventionist said, to get over your issues. What the heck?

Does she look straight to you?
How come you have to be a certain age to drive, but not a certain age when you have to stop driving? Old drivers cause more accidents per year than young drivers. At one point I refused to get in a car with my grandma because it was too scary. She hit a guy on a bike nearly killing him and no one came to take her license away. I nearly get killed all the time by old drivers. I know you don’t want your independence taken away, but the safety of everyone else is way more important than your independence. What the heck?
Internet explorer sucks. I’ve had so many problems as of late that I switched to Google chrome and it is amazing. I recommend it to everyone. Internet explorer was taking several minutes to load pages, switch in between tabs, erroring out constantly, and I have high speed. What the heck?
The snow we got a week ago is almost melted and all that is left is the nasty stuff filled with gravel that the snowplows created. When is it going to snow again so I don’t have to look at this crap anymore? This is one of the worst parts of winter. To this I say, what the heck?

One thought on “What the heck Tuesday

  1. I saw the original episode with her and although she does have some issues, her parents were definitely dicks to her about it. That is not going to help her situation and she can’t apologize for something that she wasn’t technically there for. She was doped to the max, of course she acted horrible. Are you happy to have her alive or what? She needs to just move far far away from her family and establish some healthy roots of her own. I hope she keeps up the good work.

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