Good News Wednesday

I got a raise today! A whole 25 cents more an hour. In these economic hard times, I’m going to celebrate any extra penny I get. The best thing is, the raise is going to be applied to the paycheck I get tomorrow. This will help in the effort to build up our savings for a down payment on a house. Thanks job!

My lil sis, Holly, was moved out of the ICU today. She is still in the hospital due to her infection, only it’s not as serious as it was a couple of days ago. I know she’s been bored out of her mind being in the hospital this long. I’d like to give a shout out to Hollz and say, I love you girl!
I came home from work today with 3 kids in tow and my wonderful hubs already had dinner made. Life is good.
My 7 year old daughter did 40 math problems in under a minute in school today and got all of them correct. Math has always been a struggle for her. Way to go, Rei!
My supervisor asked me to head this huge project at work. It’s suprising because I don’t even have the most seniority on my team. Apparently I’m a go-getter, am out-going, and pro-active and he thinks that I have great ideas. It will only be for the year, but hopefully I can prove myself and use this on future resumes for graduate schools.

Wahoo for Wednesday!

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