Things I’m wondering about

How can they call it “The Biggest Loser: Couples” this season if on the first episode they made 9 of the 11 couples send one of the partners home?

How come my local Gold’s gym doesn’t have a place for people to stretch out before they exercise? Isn’t that kind of important?
How come the price of tuna doubled? It went from 50 cents a can to $1 a can. Why? Are tuna’s endangered now?
Since when did weight be a factor in how well someone parents? In England this week a couple was told they were too fat to adopt. This angers me when I think of all the children in the world who are in need of loving stable parents.
Why are stupid people allowed to blog?
Was the character of Darth Vadar or the Penguin based on Dick Cheney?
Who invented binkies? And when I get to heaven, can I thank that person?
Has Oprah started a new religion? The Church of Oprah? All of a sudden she’s lecturing me on spirituality and having “webinars.” (I hate the word webinars). I don’t know what you’re selling Oprah, but this chick ain’t buying. You can shove you’re spirituality up your failed diet plan and Dr. Oz’s creepiness.

One thought on “Things I’m wondering about

  1. Wow, where do I start?Gold’s Gym, not a fan. Gyms in general, not a fan. I hate that I show up in my sweats and pony tail and feel like I should be wearing a pink valor track suit and makeup to compete with these people who are not at the gym to lose weight, but to meet “roiders”.Tuna doubled eh? I don’t really eat it, but I remember how cheap it was. Thats BS. I agree about the English parents, that blows.Stupid people like me need a place to vent, aka blogging.Dick Cheney could very well be Lucifer incarnate. Either him or Bill O’ Reilly. But I don’t know if Bill is enough of a master mind to come up with the end of the world stuff.Oprah. Yes, I find it weird that she promotes a bunch of weirdy religious junk that doesn’t seem to align at all with her baptist background and beliefs. For instance, Eckhart Tollet and his books The Power of Now and A New Earth. They have some good things, but some stuff in there really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I can chat with you about this later;)Or how about the episode where they hypnotized people to find out about their “past lives” and how they are infecting the present. Like a white lady was supposedly once an Eskimo, etc.

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