Apparently, every time you raise your hand and commit to do something, Jesus is watching you. At least that’s the new guilt tactic that is being foisted upon the members of my ward in an effort to increase attendance to ward temple night.

Today in Relief Society, when it was announced that ward temple night is this Thursday, those who were planning on going were asked to raise their hands so that those names could be written down. What are they going to do? Check the roll at the temple? And what is going to happen to the person who said they were going to go, but doesn’t? What’s the consequence then?

Then in Sacrament meeting, the person who was conducting the meeting had the audacity to tell people that if they raised their hand in an earlier meeting saying they were going to ward temple night, that Jesus saw them do that.

So now we’re using guilt and shame tactics, as well as peer pressure, to get people to attend the temple? Is this what Jesus would do? You should go to the temple because you believe in the principles not because someone saw you raise your hand at church and now you feel obligated to go. Is that the spirit we should have with us when we go to the temple?

“We teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.” -Joseph Smith

One thought on “WWJD?

  1. Let's put it this way, sometimes the members get really bored. Bless their hearts. Its always boggled my mind how much people are concerned about other people's salvation much more than their own. Odd. As for me I'm shooting for the 2nd kingdom so I can have fried foods and rock & roll.

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