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Long before I blogged on blogger, I blogged on LiveJournal. They’re nice and all, but I prefer the easy access of blogger better. Here are some of the past posts from 2007.

November is… – October 26, 2007
We have 6 days until November and November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. The awareness ribbon is purple. If you were going to pick a cancer this is the worst one to get. Not only does it ravage your body, it ravages the people who love you. There is nothing you can do to stop it. Chemo only holds the cancer at bay. The tumors lie in wait seeking to destroy every cell, every ounce of life in your body. It’s disgustingly, unimaginably, horrifically unfair. If you’ve seen the professor at Carnegie Melon’s last lecture on youtube, you might think that the best way to die from pancreatic cancer is through hope.

Hope is a plane of being that I can’t even imagine aspiring to as I watch my mother, a shell of her former self, with the contents of her bowels being sucked up through her nose, and poison being pushed in her chest in a last ditch effort to save even a month of life, and asking me to find someone to kill her. Yes, hope. Right now I wish I could even feel the comforting embrace of despair. Even that seems too far above, on another planet, of what I feel.

Graduation was a Farce – September 22, 2007
Update (10/11/07): Everything has been solved and I am once again a college graduate. My minor department didn’t clear me for graduation in the computer (even though I was cleared by the department Head in Feb. 2007). I now have a job and just passed the Social Work Boards/licensing exam. Yay for me!
For the last month and a half I have been thinking that I was a college graduate. I put that on all the resumes I sent out to potential employers fully believing that this fact was true. Yesterday I got this lovely letter from Weber State University:

Dear Marisa,

We have processed your graduation application for August 2007 graduation. Upon review of your records, we have found that you did not complete the requirements for the degree that you applied for. Please contact our office blah blah blah.


Graduation Office

This is was pisses me off — I applied for Graduation back in February 2007, seven effing months ago! It took them this long to process my graduation application and find deficiencies on my transcript for graduation? I had my transcript looked over by my academic adviser and my major and minor departments and they all cleared me for graduation. I am left wondering WTF? What really pisses me off is, if I am missing something, they let me know too late for me to take whatever class(es) I need to finish my requirements for Fall Semester. I had a lot of school pride until yesterday.

Not only am I angry and want to punch someone, but I’m embarrassed. I sent out graduation announcements, attended my graduation, took pictures, celebrated, received gifts, brushed up my resume, all for naught. When it rains, it effing pours.

Britney Spears is fat??? – September 11, 2007
I can’t believe I’m commenting on something so vapid and inane, but I think there might be an underlying valid social message. Did Britney Spears performance on Sunday night’s VMAs suck? Yes. Did she do a half-assed job? Yes. Did we all witness a spiraling down of a girl who was probably too famous too soon? Yes. That said, is she fat? No! She’s had two babies for crying out loud (within the last 2 years I might add) and most women I know would die to look like that after having two children. The media criticizing her weight is so misogynistic, it’s sickening. And I know that Britney has contributed to this by never offering up anything more to us than just sex (because really, who is going to argue that she can sing?). But if Britney at a size 6 is considered fat, God help us all. I don’t really want my value as a human being determined by a number on a scale or by how toned my abs are.

Pantene’s Response – May 5, 2007
This is Pantene’s Response to my 12 inch Hair Donation:

“On behalf of Pantene Beautiful Lengths, with heartfelt appreciation, we thank you for giving so selflessly of yourself to women who are faced with hair loss from cancer treatment. Your healthy ponytail will help give self confidence back to a special woman who is battling cancer so that she can fight the disease with a little more dignity. Your generosity is touching and we hope it will inspire many others. As you may know, it takes six to eight ponytails like yours to create one wig, so please spread the word to your friends and family about how important their donation is to this cause as well. More information can be found at Together, we can help bring some joy into the lives of women living with cancer.”

So grow out your hair people and donate it!

Bags n Bears – April 15, 2007
At the beginning of the semester in January, my Community Practice professor informed us of our major assignment for the semester. We were divided into groups and charged with seeking out a need in our community and fulfilling that need. My two group members put our heads together and started brainstorming ideas. One member wanted to put a light out on the street in front of the Social Science building because he was having to walk a lot of women to their cars at night after class because Weber State University has a ridiculous rule about parking in the A-1 lot. My other group member and I wanted to do something a little more heart-warming. So I proposed an idea to provide duffel bags or backpacks to the 379 children in foster care in our city. My friend who works at DCFS told me that most foster children enter foster care with little more than the clothes on their backs, and the few belongings that they do acrue are taken around in garbage bags. We decided this was the project we wanted to embark on. Unfortunately, companies and corporations are decidedly less generous at the beginning of the year as they are at the end of the year. The only company that did respond was Build-A-Bear, who donated 20 bears to our project. Along with bags, we wanted to provide a teddy bear or stuffed animal for every child. The only other organization that responded was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Their Humanitarian Services provided about 30 bags to our projects. Two weeks ago we were nearing the end of our project and semester and we realized we only had 29 bags and 56 bears. We decided to reach out via e-mail to our friends and families and have been overwhelmed by the out-pouring of generosity. In less than two weeks I alone was able to raise about $1800 and cleaned out the local Target of it’s duffel bags and stuffed animals. The moral of my story is that most people (not corporations) want to be involved and help their community, they just don’t know how. All you have to do is ask and most people will respond. I know that I am humbled by my many friends and family members’ response to my call to action. And just so you know, there are over 1/2 a million children in foster care in America and only 141,000 licensed foster care homes to accomodate them. These children are most often in foster care through no fault of their own. I don’t have a job lined up after I graduate in a couple of months, but this project has made me aware of the foster children in my own community and now I have a resolve and a commitment to help them in whatever personal or professional capacity I can.
Murphy’s Law – March 26, 2007
Why is it that if one thing goes wrong in your day, everything goes wrong from that point forward? My father was late coming to babysit my son, so I was late taking my daughter to school. My husband forgot to fill up the gas in the car like he said he was going to, so I had to stop at the first gas station I saw, after I dropped my daughter off and before I ran out of gas. And of course, this gas station has the highest prices in town. When I pull up to the gas pump there is a large sign posted that says “Please Pay First.” Exasperated and late for my own 9:00 class that morning, I went inside to pre-pay. When I opened the door to the gas station, the smell was so over-powering I literally felt the hairs in my nose shriveling up in protest. I worked in a deli for four years so I know the smell of fryers when the oil needs to be changed, and let me tell you, the oil in their fryers NEEDS TO BE CHANGED! So I tell the lady I want to prepay for gas and I hand her my debit card. She starts laughing at me saying that I could have paid at the pump. Not so, I tell her, the sign says “Please Pay First.” She said that’s just for cash customers and I say, “and yet, that’s not what the sign says.” So finally my card goes through and I can get out of the fog of fried oil and I fill my car up with gas. And of course my hand reeks of gas later because everything at that gas station reeks. Finally I’m off to school and I still have a few minutes to spare. On my way there, I notice that my hair smells exactly like the inside of that gas station. And I thought the days of my hair smelling like grease were over the day I quit the deli. So I get to school where my parking pass dictates that I park in a lot that is a 10 minute walk to the building where all my classes are. Since I have only 5 minutes to spare I decide to park at the meters and then move my car after class when I have a break. And of course all the meters are full so I decide to parallel park across the street from my building. And as luck would have it, the space I was waiting for was taken five seconds before I reached it. I ended up parking in my regular lot and was 20 minutes late to my 50 minute class. Sometimes life just sucks. At least when I got to my English class, my professor handed back a paper I had written and wrote “Perfect” and “Amazing” on it. I guess that makes up for smelling like grease, gas, and being late.

Wow, that really takes me back. Thanks for reading. I feel like I’ve come a long way in the blogger world.

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  1. Man that must have been frustrating about graduation. The exact same thing happened to Michael after he walked at the U. Even though it all cleared up and he eventually got his degree a couple of months later, it was still so stressful and annoying!

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