Procrastination, in general, is not a good thing. Or so I’m told. For me, putting things off until the last minute usually works to my advantage. I study better and write better when I’m under pressure. I like to say that I’m slow to start and quick to finish. This is evidenced by the fact it took me 11 years to graduate from college. Sure I dropped out twice when I had children, changed my major 3 times, and only went part-time some of the time. At least I did it. And now I have a great job that wouldn’t have been available to me back when I should have graduated because back then they only hired Masters level Social workers. So there! Ha!

The only time in college that I remember not procrastinating on something was turning in my Senior Thesis paper a full week before it was due. Frankly I just wanted to get it out of my life so I could concentrate on other things. Like those two people who follow me around and call me “Mommy.” Turning it in early did have an advantage to me of the vindictive variety. There was a guy in my graduating class that was always turning things in late, asking for extensions on deadlines, and basically wouldn’t have graduated from college unless me and another friend weren’t there to help him. The day our Senior thesis papers were due, he asked my professor for an extension. This was the final straw. My professor lost it on him. He said something to the affect of, “Marisa turned hers in a week ago and she has a husband, two children, and works just as many hours as you at her practicum. All you got is excuses and a dysfunctional relationship with your girlfriend.” This was a year and a half ago and I still laugh about it. I know it’s mean, but this kid really did use me in order to graduate and then his psycho non-girlfriend (it’s a long story) got in the way of him really working hard on a lot of our projects.
So procrastination can be a good thing, but it can also be a very, very bad thing. My friend and co-worker has been reminding one of her clients for weeks to turn in their background checks. Well they dragged their feet. Unfortunately their baby was born before their background clearances came in and now the poor birthmother has to look after this baby while they wait to be cleared. It’s ridiculous! This puts the adoption in jeopardy because they procrastinated and didn’t do what they were told. I feel sorry for them, but they have no one to blame but themselves.
And look at me, procrastinating doing any housework because I’m typing on my blog. In this instance I think it’s a good thing. I hate housework. I think I need to hire a wife.

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