The Secret Life

I am SO annoyed by last night’s episode of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Amy is 15 and pregnant from the first time she had sex. She was considering adoption and actively looking for a couple to adopt her baby. Then in last night’s episode everyone in her life conspired to make her keep the baby. So now she’s keeping the baby.

I want to tell the producers of the show you are sending a HORRIBLE message to teenagers across the country. Fifteen year old girls should not be mothers. Fifteen year old girls should be fifteen year old girls. That baby DESERVES to have two parents that are in a stable marriage who can provide for that baby without the help of the State, Church, parents, etc. A baby/child shouldn’t be passed around between two parents who are still in high school. This is ridiculous.
They are doing such a disservice. They’re telling girls that if they get pregnant in high school everything will magically work out for you so that you can be a parent. Your friendly neighborhood Christian will get her pastor to give you a job in a daycare where you can leave your child during school hours and this magically appearing job just happens to offer Insurance. Your boyfriend (who is not the birthfather) will get a job in his Millionaire father’s butcher shop to help you support a child who isn’t his. Because 15 year old boys are so apt to do those things. And the birthfather, who has never taken responsibility for any of his actions his entire life, will also get a job in said butcher shop to help you support the baby. Yeah freaking right.
I am so mad right now.
ADOPTION is a responsible choice. If Amy chose adoption, that means she was taking responsibility for her actions. ADOPTION IS A RESPONSIBLE CHOICE!!! Yes, we all would like to keep the babies we bring into this life. But those babies didn’t ask to be born. They didn’t ask to be raised by a single teenage mom still living at home with her parents. Mothers do what is in the best interest of their child no matter how much it hurts them personally. And Amy is not doing the responsible thing no matter how many magical jobs appear in her life or how many fifteen year old boys magically want to take responsibility for a child. In working with birthmoms there is one thing that I have found to be true – All the people who said they would help you while you were pregnant, are no where to be found once the baby is born. Ask anyone who’s been in this position.
“Adoption is not a breaking of trust but a keeping of faith. Not the abandonment of a baby, but the abandonment of SELF for a baby’s sake.” –Curtis Young

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