I posted my opinion about “The Secret Life” (see the post directly below) on an open forum on the ABC Family Channel’s website and I was shocked and amazed at:

1 – How stupid teenagers are these days
2- How people think that being on the internet gives you the right to attack people
3 – How lacking the American education system is because hardly any of the people could put together a coherent sentence.
These are some of the comments:
YOU’RE ridiculous and unrealistic!! Sure, some characters are exaggerated with their personalities, like Ben, but pregnant teens are everywhere”

“so, you think just because Amy decides to keep the baby & peolpe are willing to help her the show is unrealistic???”

“yes the show is unrealistic at some times but isnt that why people watch tv? People do not want to see life portrayed exactly like it is on television. People watch tv to get away from reality. I know that is what I do. tv is purely for entertainment, not for people to take seriously and live exactly like the show. some people may but most people who watch the show know it isjust a tv show and know not to take it seriously. like i said this show is meant for entertainment and for kids to learn something as well. if parents sit down and talk with their children about what happens and it is not realistic then children may not turn into Amy.”

“just leave us alone”

“Oh my god! It’s a freakin’ TV show! Who cares if its unrealistic or not. Seriously this is really immature. Your really an adult? Because you certainly aren’t acting like it. Don’t come on to the boards, where fans of the show like to chat about the show, trying to tell us about how bad it is. We don’t care! we aren’t going to stop watching the show just because you say these things. Honestly, I don’t know what your trying to acomplish here. You must be looking for some sort of attention, but at least try to get a life. You don’t like the show. Don’t watch it. As simple as that.”

“get over it just leave us along the people on this broards love this show my mom had a baby at 15 to so go away”

Luckily there were some sane people who commented and these are their comments:

“I could not agree more. I don’t know how anyone at the network can sleep at night after what they aired. And I certainly can’t think of any responsible parent who would let their child watch that sort of irresponsible nonsense.”

“I am with you 110%! It’s very unrealistic that everything would just fall into place like that! Just ignore the other people on the board! You were only posting your opinion and if someone has a problem with that, then they need to realize that this is an open forum! Everyone can post their opinion! Don’t let them chase you off the boards! Keep standing up for what you believe! You go girl!”

“I do have to agree with you on this post.”

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