Rantorific Tuesday

On last Friday’s episode of “Oprah,” (3/06) she had on her favorite mediocre film maker, Tyler Perry. It’s obvious Oprah has some sort of crush or obsession with him because she’s constantly plugging his films, which are ridiculous at best.

What annoyed me was, Oprah said she was finally going to reveal what a truly generous person Tyler Perry was. I expected that she was going to tell how he had donated millions to her school for girls in Africa or to her Angel Network, or some other charity.
Nope, she instead tells this indulgent, conspicuous-consumption-at-it’s-worst, story about how one day Perry came to get her at her California home in a convertible Bentley. Her gal pal Gayle was there and they took a ride and Gayle tried to convince Oprah to get one for herself. Oprah said no because she doesn’t need another car.
A while later a brand new Bentley shows up on Oprah’s door step. It was a gift from Tyler Perry. She called Gayle. Gayle has a brand new Bentley from Perry too! They only cost about $300,000. Isn’t he generous?
Um, no. He gave a ridiculously expensive car to a BILLIONAIRE who stated that she didn’t need another car. What the hell is she going to use this car for other than showing off? When I think of the amount of people who could eat food for a month with the 600K he dropped on Oprah and Gayle, I am sickened. Yeah, it’s Tyler Perry’s money and he can choose to spend it how he wants. But to use this as a story on how generous he is makes me want to puke.
And I’d like to tell Oprah to stop telling her viewers to stop spending indulgently when she’s flaunting gifted Bentley’s in our faces. Yeah, we all need to live within our means, but coming from a billionaire is arrogant at best. Is it indulgent to spend $40 a month on my daughter’s ADHD medication? Is it indulgent to spend about $300 a year on a gym membership so that I can exercise and be healthy? It is indulgent to spend $160 a month on my car payment? How about $100 a week on groceries? Or how about the fact that I just dropped about $1,400 on my dentist to pay him off for a procedure my insurance PROMISED they covered? Tell me, Oprah? Was is indulgent about my spending? Until you stop flaunting your Christian Louboutin shoes, your multi-million dollar home that is 2,000 miles away from where you work, and your private jets….you can kiss my umpampered butt.

8 thoughts on “Rantorific Tuesday

  1. Say it, Sista-girl!On the one hand: Oprah seriously trying to bring consciousness and peace to the world.On the other: Oprah loving her money and her rich famous friends and her rich pretty stuff and spending gobs of money and ink to tell us all the shit she’s got while simultaneously complaining that she’s too damn fat. And I think, “Get the F!!! over yourself!!!”Oh wait, that’s what hand number one is trying to do. And then I say to myself, “Breathe and let Oprah be her own (crazy ass) self.” :-)Great piece Rissa, you should seriously send it to the Oprah website. Seriously!!

  2. You said: When I think of the amount of people who could eat food for a month with the 600K he dropped on Oprah and Gayle, I am sickened. WHAT DOES TYLER GIVING HAS TO DO WITH FEEDING PEOPLE.HOW BOUT THIS…….THE NEXT TIME YOU THROW AWAY SOME FRENCH FRIES, THINK ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMELESS AND HUNGARY!!DIDNT THINK ABOUT THAT DID YOU?

  3. Actually I do. And since you’re anonymous I can only assume you don’t know me at all. I hate wasting food. I tell my children all the time to eat all their food because there are starving children IN THEIR VERY OWN TOWN. I’m a social worker and I work for the welfare department of my church where I regularly help those in need. So don’t go making assumptions from one person’s blog post that you don’t know personally. And learn to spell too. It’s hungry. HUNGARY is a country.Furthermore, why the f**k do you care? Are you Oprah herself or another one of her lemmings?

  4. Marisa, I totall agree. I personally hate Oprah. And yes I said HATE. She is the worst type of person. This is just another one of her totally absurd comments when she should have just kept her mouth shut. I love your rants. They are so smart and true. Keep it up. Love you

  5. Yeah Yeah!!! Preach my sistah Preach!!! I completly agree!!! She gotten out of hand. She may needs some humbling Martha Stewart Style yo!!! But if they send her to prison she’ll probably buy the place then have her minion Nate Berkus redecorate, Ty Perry will make documentry on her trials in the big house, it will then become a broadway play where Hally Berry will play her and P. Diddy will play Steadman, She’ll have her infamous favorite things episode “big house” style and her #1 item will be custom made vintage shanks. We just can’t win!!!!

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