What fresh hell is this?

Two weeks ago I weaned my baby from breast-feeding. I went back on my regular birth control and was surprised when I went to the pharmacy to see that my regular bcp, Yasmin, is now being substituted with the generic called Ocella. It sucks. Actually, that’s an understatement.

I never experienced negative side effects before with Yasmin. In fact, I lost weight when I started taking it. It was wonderful. And without going into TMI territory, life was a breeze.
Not on Ocella. In the last 2 weeks I have had stomach cramping like I have never had before. It feels like the worst gas of my life. And nothing in my eating habits has changed. Just taking this piece of crap generic. I’m nauseated if I don’t eat right away. I’ve had dizzy spells. And I’m breaking out like crazy. Okay, so in my book breaking out consists of 2 zits. But that’s 2 more than I had 2 weeks ago.
I’m not going to live my life like this. I don’t know who’s butt I have to kiss or rip to get back on Yasmin, but I going to do it. Ocella sucks. Don’t take it. And don’t let your pharmacist give it to you without your consent.

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