Perverts make me Frowny

So today I put a new post on my family’s blog. I started that blog so that my family from far away can see pics of the fam without me emailing them constantly. It’s great to keep up with family members without actually having to talk to them. I mean that seriously. I hate talking on the phone.

But today, I am annoyed. Pissed off. Disgusted. Because right after I wrote a new post, I got a comment from an unknown person. I was curious and I clicked on the person’s name to see who would write something like “You have a very nice blog.” And guess what I found? Not a person, but a full-freaking-fledged porn site. Thank you, a-holes for introducing porn into my home.
I immediately made my family blog private and invited all my family and friends who I thought would be interested in reading it. (BTW, if you would like an invitation to read my family blog, drop me an email, and let me know).
As you can tell, I’m pretty pissed off. Look porn sites, I don’t think you’re so lacking in business, sad to say, that you need to make comments on family blogs so that it leaves a link to your site. I can understand if I had some sort of adult content on my FAMILY site, but I don’t. Unless you consider pictures of my 10 month old son, porn. And if you do, I believe you should burn in hell forever. Leave my family alone! Stop spamming blogs to entice more people to look at your website. Your ickiness makes my heart hurt.

2 thoughts on “Perverts make me Frowny

  1. I wish I could punch people like that straight in the face. WTF? Honestly, I’ve had a couple of rogue bloggers comment on my blog too and I’m like, “Why would you do that if you don’t even know me?” Idiots. I’m glad you went private. I will probably do so when I have kids.

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