In Remembrance

Today the world got a whole lot less cool. At least my world did. Today I lost my good friend, Jeneane, to Lou Gherig’s disease. She was baptized a member of my church right before my husband was called as the Ward Mission leader. I got to know Jeneane really well and we became good friends. She was so funny! And sarcastic! Probably why we got along so well. My five-year-old son was just a baby when she first started coming to church and she would always sit behind us and steal him from us. She just loved him. We were visiting teaching companions at one time. I was with her when she took her endowments out at the temple. I remember hugging her and crying happy tears in the celestial room together. I was so proud of her. And then she was diagnosed with this horrible disease. Last Monday I took dinner over to her family, which consists of her two sons and caretaker, mother. It’s the last time I got to see her. To tell her that I love her.

I love you Jeneane! God be with you ’til we meet again.

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