Lose It – Week 1

I just weighed myself after a week of using the program, Lose It. Lose It keeps track of your progress week to week. Their week starts on Monday and goes to Sunday, so I’ve decided to weigh myself every Monday.

I set it up so that I will lose a pound and a half a week. After a week of watching what I eat, I was 1,079 calories under my weekly calorie budget. I learned that every 3,500 calories is equivalent to one pound. So if you want to lose 1 pound a week you need to either cut back your caloric intake by 500 calories per day, or do exercise that’s the equivalent of burning 500 calories per day, so that you lose 3,500 a week. In my Nutrition class in college we learned the healthiest thing to do is to do a combo of the two – so reduce your calorie intake by 250 calories a day and increase the calories you burn in a day to 250.

And guess what folks…….
I lost 3 pounds
Wahoo! I’m definitely going to keep going with this program. I honestly don’t feel deprived at all and I’m having fun keeping track of everything I eat in a day. I’m also enjoying exercising more because not only does it make me feel good, but it means I get to eat more!

5 thoughts on “Lose It – Week 1

  1. CONGRATS! Way to go! That is super awesome! 🙂 Maybe I need something like that…wait, I would have to get an spify IPOD touch, apparently mine is super outdated because it is not touch. Also, then my wedding dress won’t fit me, so that would be a waste of lots and lots of money…although, don’t tell Vic, but I had to go buy a white bra on Saturday for the special day and I have dropped a cup size 😦 I went from already small, to super small…I promise there is a little something there, but not much!

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