I changed my blog’s name….AGAIN

My blog used to be named, “The Life of Riss – Where Blond meets Blog.” Ever since I died my hair to a darker color and am no longer blond, I have struggled with what to call my blog. Nothing seemed sufficient enough. I’ve toyed around with a couple of names but didn’t not like them very much.

So now you have my new name….
The Musings of Marisa
This name is guaranteed to stick, no matter what color I dye my hair now.
And in other news…
Strep throat is my enemy. My arch nemesis. Not only did it have me flat on my back for 3 days, but my poor husband celebrated his birthday sick as a dog. Poor guy. Now my sweet little baby has strep throat. So he’s not a “little” baby anymore considering his first birthday is in 9 days, but still! Poor baby. He doesn’t deserve it.

2 thoughts on “I changed my blog’s name….AGAIN

  1. I like it as well! Oh no poor Daner… thats so sad 😦 On the bright side of things- Joel is uh…. TODAY! Woo! Double date! Double date!

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