But Daddy says Squirrel brains are good!

Last night I was mindlessly surfing the internet when I started hearing squeals from my children. They were sitting on the couch watching a show with my husband. I heard the word “squirrel” a lot so I figured they were watched something on Animal Planet. Whether they were or not remains to be seen.

My children think of Squirrels as cute cuddly little animals that they could possibly befriend if we had any in our area. What I mistook for squeals of delight thinking my children were loving watching a show on this furry little creature, were actually squeals of disgust as this program talked about how eating Squirrels in the South is very popular.
My daughter was aghast. “How can you eat a Squirrel?” she asked, “they’re so cute.”
My husband went on to explain that he had in fact eaten Squirrel when he was serving a mission in West Virginia. He said they did not taste like Chicken. And they apparently weren’t very appetizing.
I went back to my mindless internet surfing wondering why my children were still watching a show that was disgusting them so badly. Squirrels on the BBQ? I guess it’s like watching a train wreck. It’s bloody. It’s grotesque. But you can’t look away.
Then the squeals really started getting louder. My daughter jumped off the couch yelling, “THAT IS DISGUSTING!” What could they be eating now? Puppies? Kittens? Orphaned Chipmunks?
Nope, Squirrel brains.
I reminded my daughter that when she went on a class field trip to the Nature Center that the workers there told them that Native Americans use to use brains to tan leather and that she actually got to watch them do it. She was not disgusted by this. In fact she was so delighted by it that she carefully explained the process to us over dinner that night.
I wonder though…Squirrels have small brains. How many Squirrel brains would you actually have to eat in order to feel full? Hopefully I never have to find out the answer on my own.

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