Look Ma, no hands!

Before yesterday I’ve never been fishing before.

Before yesterday, I never understood people who fish for fun. It seems rather boring to me. I once heard that there is a fine line between fishing and sitting in a boat all day getting drunk.
I live in one of possibly the most beautiful places on earth. Not only do I have a gorgeous view of the mountains from my front windows, but all I need to do is drive 5 minutes from my house to be instantly in the mountains, hiking, camping, swimming, and yes, fishing. I’m increasingly becoming more aware of how lucky I am to live here and how I never want to leave.
On a whim yesterday I tried something new. While camping at the hubs’ grandparent’s cabin, the hubs decided to take the kids fishing in the pond near the cabin. He had bought them their very own junior fishing rods. The hubs brother and his fiance were also planning on fishing in the pond. I decided to instead of staying back at the cabin and reading my book, which is so quintessentially me, but to go with them.
Suprisingly, I really had a good time. It was so peaceful and relaxing. Not to mention the breathtaking mountain views. Once my daughter caught her very first fish she decided she was done for the day. So the hubs taught me how to cast a line on her fishing rod. I had fun just practicing how to cast it farther out each time. I probably would have caught a couple of fish had I known to pull up once I saw my bobber go under water. I lost more than one bait to my inexperience.
Recently I took up yoga to help me relax and refocus my energy. There is something strange about the connection between fishing and yoga. Both are very relaxing. I felt connected to something greater than myself while I sat there enjoying the beautiful views God had provided for us. I told the hubs that I would like to do it again sometime. I can’t think of a more wholesome family activity than fishing.
The best part was, despite four adults being there (and my brother-in-law being an experienced fisherman) only our two kids caught fish that day. My son was so excited he actually ate the rainbow trout he caught that night, which is unusual for his extreme food pickiness. I don’t know, there’s something kind of poetic about that.

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